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Aug 28, 2009 04:24 PM

SF hounds seeking great food in Lenox,MA area

We're Berkshire bound in early October(this will be our second trip). We plan dinner @ Old Inn in New Marlborough but would like suggestions for places in the area. Old Inn will be our "blow out" meal. Looking at the boards I also found ( and would appreciate feedback on) the following:

Prime Italian Steakhouse in Lenox
Baba Louie's for pizza in Great Barrington

We have four nights in Lenox and will have just spend a week in NYC.


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  1. Would also appreciate feedback on:

    Allium-Great Barrington

    1. i would skip Prime, just not that inspiring and very pricey. All the other's are good. Brix is currently my favorite. I also like Trattoria Rustica on McKay st in Pittsfield. Other posters have a few issues with TR, but it has always been great when i have gone. Once upon a Table in Stockbridge is a hidden gem as well. Consensus is mixed about Rouge in West Stockbridge, but I have always had a wonderful experience when eating there.

      I went to Church Street Cafe in Lenox 2 weeks ago. I have seen complaints about heir pricing. They are a little more than other Lenox establishments but their portions are definitely bigger than some of the miserly plates i've seen come out of some kitchens this summer.

      Good luck and have a great time!

      1. Loved Pearls (again) in GB this summer and it became my wife and my favorite restaurant in town. Tragically, its young owner died in an automobile accident just a few weeks ago. It is reopened, but I don't know what it is like now. I would give it a shot, at least at the bar where it had a great bartender and very good bar food. Really like 20 Railroad in GB for pub food, especially burgers. We like Rouge a great deal, particularly the bar menu and the many "tapas," with a very generous pour on wine by the glass. Allium is good, also. Although my wife and I like Old Inn on the Green, I would recommend instead the Old Mill just south of GB. For lunch/dinners I would also recommend Cafe Adam (great fries). For breakfast or lunch on a beautiful day, go down to the Southfield Store, which I believe is owned by the folks at Old Inn. Lastly, if the foliage is good in Connecticut, I love The Woodland in Lakeville and it's a great drive there.

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          Old Mill sounds great! I think we are going to give this a try perhaps over the Old Inn.

        2. Prime Steakhouse - Nothing really wrong with it, but "uninspiring" as someone else put it I would agree with, wouldn't put it at the top your list
          Brix - Big thumbs up
          Alta's - Haven't been
          Baba Louie's - I admit I am a fan, although I wouldn't say it is universally loved.

          In general, if you are visiting I would stick with what the Berkshires do best -"American" or French-influenced food at all levels of fanciness (if you need a very casual beer/wings kind of place would recommend Old Forge in Lanesboro) and avoid most italian or asian type places which can be hit or miss.

          1. I would avoid Baba Louie's and don't understand its popularity. When I ate there recently the pizza was mushy and the place dirty and depressing. If you do go, avoid the rest room, at least until after you eat.

            My very favorite place in the area is Chez Nous in Lee, owned by a Franco-American couple, very good French food in a lovely house on Main Street, and totally delightful. A good more modest meal, also in Lee, can be enjoyed at Salmon Run Fish House. I also really like John Andrews in Egremont.