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Aug 28, 2009 04:16 PM


I will be staying in Levanto from Sept. 4 to 7 and am looking for restaurant recommendations in Levanto. Based on recommendations on this board, one night we will dine in Corniglia at Cantina de Mananan but I am looking specifically for Levanto recommendations here. Thanks.

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  1. Do you live someplace where you can get your hands on David Downie's Guide to the Food and Wine of the Italian Riviera? (My copy is elsewhere or I'd type you the information.) It's up to date and excellent on Levanto.

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      Unfortunately since we leave in 2 days I won't have time to go shopping for this book.

    2. .I go to Levanto from time to time for diving, not for fine dining! Usually take lunch at the hotel Nazionale which has a nice vine covered courtyard, and good food, but wouldn't say it was outstanding. Asked our dive master where the locals go, but it was closed for lunch, I think Osterie Tumelin, behind the park on the East side of town and up a narrow stepped alley. Most restaurants in Cinque Terre would obviously cater for tourists, but some must be better then others, ask around. Slow Food lists Cavour in Levanto, Ciliego in Monterosso, and Ripa del Sole in Riomaggiore. Don't miss a boat trip to Portovenere for the seafood restaurants along the waterfront - no specific recommendation they probably are all much the same although SF lists Antica Osteria del Carugia. If you are going to Genoa I have some personal recommendation there.

      However there are many small seafood restaurants in town catering for Italian tourists and I think Levanto restaurants will be better then Cinque Terre ones on average.

      Look forward to your report on what you found!

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        is there a reason you go to Levanto instead of Recco or around Monte Portofino to dive?

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          Pure convenience, its easy to get there from Asti (1.5 hours drive), I know the dive centre and I like Levanto town.

          Recco would be as easy, but I don't know the area. Have you dived there? I would love to dive to the Christ statue at Camogli harbour but its not allowed.

          Portofino is difficult to get into in summer, limited road access, but I would imagine that a dive operator from Lecco would bring you over to the point.