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Aug 28, 2009 04:13 PM

Suggestion for an Obsessive?

I recently discovered the Obsessive video pieces. What wonderful work is being done there to highlight passion and joy in people. Never fails to bring a smile to my face when viewing one.

Who would I contact to suggest a person for an Obsessive video? There is a man (Pete Johnson) who decided to create his own cigar line (Tatuaje) in 2002, and whose dedication and personality have created an amazing success story (Reported in Cigar Aficionado as The Hottest Cigar Line in 2009). His passion is evident in what he does and contagious when one spends time with him.

I feel he would be a great candidate for a fantastic Obsessive.

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  1. Tatuaje Cigars are AWESOME!!! Thanks for bringing that story up, cheapbastid!! Some how, tho, I doubt CHOWHOUND is gonna pick it up. Their loss.

    1. I absolutely love these pieces as well! I've been looking for a venue to compliment CH on them. Mostly because my boyfriend and I are dying for more after having watched most of them at twice now. I have dreamt of other themes, but have few suggestions in the way of people.

      I'd love to see one on sushi and, in particular, sustainable seafood.
      I'd love to see one on oysters (Rowan Jacobsen, perhaps?)
      I'd love to see one on seed collecting or heirloom veggies.
      I'm not sure how he'd be on film, but I've ordered alpine/wild strawberries (frais de bois) seedlings online from Mike Wellik at and sensed an air of passionate "obsessivism" from him and a good deal of expertise-- perhaps he'd be a good suggestion.
      I'd like to seen one on herbs and spices.

      Anyhow, if anyone from CH is reading: we're obsessed about Obsessives! More, please?

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      1. re: globalgourmand

        Hey all-

        Eric of CHOW video, thanks for the kind words. We're very proud of our Obsessives series, and happy to see that our viewers share the same pleasure in viewing it as we do in getting to meet these people and make films about them.

        We were on a short hiatus but will be releasing the next in our series at the beginning of February.

        Mike Wellik sounds great, though we don't get out to Delaware that often. But we'll add him to the list. Please keep the suggestions coming!


        1. re: itsapeugeot

          YAY! Very much looking forward to February.

          Thanks for the response Eric!

      2. They DEFINITELY need to do one on woks and wok cooking.

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        1. re: takadi

          Oh yea, and one on raw dairy products. I just saw a "bizarre foods" episode where Andrew ate skyr and cream from a family farm and it drove me crazy.

        2. I, for one, would avoid a video about a cigar maker, for heavens sake, this is a food site, nothing like burning tobacco to kill the taste in any food.

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          1. re: ChinoWayne

            Ahhh. but after, away from sensitive noses and sensibilities, a fine cigar and glass of port to some is a perfect after dinner respite.