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Aug 28, 2009 03:52 PM

Vietnamese Coffee - where to buy

I'm looking to buy vietnamese ground coffee and I can't find them anywhere in Toronto. I've asked at a couple of Vietnamese restaurants but they are buying it wholesale. I can't go back to regular coffee but I'm almost done my latest tin which is from Kitchener.

Does anyone know where I can buy it in Toronto?

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  1. I have purchased it from T&T on Cherry Street - but I am quite sure most Asian supermarkets should have something.

    1. Are you looking for actual Vietnamese-grown coffee, or the style of coffee sold in Vietnamese restaurants? If it's the latter, you want Cafe Du Monde coffee. It's made in New Orleans and comes in a yellow tin with brown writing on it. Through some quirks of history, the Vietnamese who emigrated to New Orleans adopted this coffee as their own, and as a result it has that authentic delicious taste you find in Vietnamese restaurants. It may be the bit of chicory mixed in, as well as the sweetened condensed milk.

      You can find it at a few Chinese grocery stores on Spadina (in particular the first big one on the east side of Spadina north of Queen) as well T & T. Some places in Chinatown (like Tap Phong) also sell the little metal drip-style coffee makers you balance on your glass.

      1. In Canada, buy it online at Enjoy!

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          I buy my Trung Nguyen coffee in small Vietnamese owned markets (in Windsor). If T&T in Toronto doesn't carry it, I know of a large market at Black Creek and Lawrence that would probably have it. I've never personally bought it there, but it is a pretty sizeable store. If they don't carry it, they'd probably be able to suggest a place that does.

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            I can confirm that they sell Trung Nguyen coffee at T&T. I have bought mine at both the Promenade Mall location as well as the one at the corner of Steeles and Warden.

        2. i think i bought a large tin of it at Rose's Cafe on the southwest side of Broadview and Gerrard.
          if you don't know Rose's Cafe, its probably the best place to start your coffee search. you can buy a wicked $2 vietnamese sub from there, an amazing $1 spring roll and try their vietnamese coffee.

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