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Aug 28, 2009 02:51 PM

Tuscany/Umbria - Sagre in Late Sept.?

Any recommendations for sagre in Tuscany or Umbria from Sept. 23-27? I'd love to attend a sagra while we're there, but haven't located any good English-language references online.

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  1. I believe we attended a sagra di porchetta in Monte San Savino in late sept.

    1. The most complete listing of sagre in Tuscany that I know is in Italian only (the English version does not list the sagre):

      There are pictures of the foods being celebrated, or you can use Google translate.

      There are already a number of sagre listed for your time period, but many are only posted a week or two in advance.

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        I found this blog that provides lots of info about sagre and traditional food festival in Tuscany.
        Hope this will help.
        Nancy Aiello

      2. Very soory for mismatch of dates. In Montefalco from Sep 17 to Sep 20, there is Sagrantino Wine Festival. Look at the website
        Maybe a smart tip for other travelers.


        1. Try . I know this is late but it's a good resource. And yes, it is in Italian but if you understand "food" Italian you can figure out a lot.