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Aug 28, 2009 02:33 PM

Good meat shops/butchers in the Junction

Anybody have a recommendation? Not looking for anything particular, but am curious what is in the nabe.

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  1. I posted a similar question last week, ( but didn't get any response, so I tried out Junction Meats, on Dundas east of Keele, last week. Picked up a 4lb pork butt for $16. Very Greek-focused selection. Souvlaki skewers, lots of olives. Not a huge selection of cets- mostly the usual suspects - but it looks like the kind of place that would probably help you order something more unusual.

    I've heard Butcher By Nature at Annette and Runnymede is pretty good too, but expensive. It's a little beyond walking distance for me and I work by the Healthy Butcher, so I haven't felt the need to give it a try yet.

    Would love to hear about your discoveries as well.

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      pork butt goes for $1.50/pound or less at most butchers

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        Funny, the price seems quite variable, as the last time I was in, just before Labour Day, 4 lbs only cost 10 bucks. Fluctuations in the market, perhaps? At any rate, it cooked up nicely and since it's almost around the corner from where I live, I don't mind paying a buck or so over somewhere else.

    2. On the way back from lunch with the missus at Vesuvio's yesterday, (I think we'll stick to ordering pizza, although dinner might be different.) we stopped in to peruse Steve's Meats and Sausages on Dundas, just west of Pacific. Pretty small selection of fresh meat, but they had a huge selection of nice-looking Eastern European smoked sausages (I.e., kielbasa, etc.). The (fresh, not stale) meaty, smoky smell of the place was fantastic. Unfortunately, not much was labelled and since we weren't planning on buying anything, I didn't want to ask too many questions, but I'm definitely planning a trip back soon to sample the wares.

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        tbonetak, as far as Vesuvio's goes...go with your gut and stick with the pizza. Dinner there is just so-so. The only other thing I would try would be the panini's which are only available through take-out (little ridiculous not to offer them in the dining room, but that is just my opinion).

        Anyway, to get back on track, saw that there was a place on the north side of dundas, just east of runnymede called venerica meats (or something like that). I have passed by that place many times, and always assumed that it was closed, but I have been assured that they are in fact open. If you get there before me, let me know what you think.

        Also, I know that it is out of the way, but if you stay west on dundas, there is a Bruno's just before Royal York. Sucks that it is kind of far, but if you really have a hankering for a good cut, they are always there.

      2. Butcher by Nature is wonderful. Their prices are very reasonable compared to places like The Healthy Butcher and they are very nice people who will help with recipes or any other questions you have. If you go there, I highly recommend getting some of their homemade sausage.

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        1. re: pistachio peas

          I tried Butcher by Nature's Berkshire bacon, which I quite liked, but I was quite off-put by all their meat being in cryovac packages. Leads me to believe things aren't being dry aged, although I could be wrong. I dunno, it just gave me an odd, non-butchery vibe.

          Full marks for service, though. Everyone there is super friendly and pleasant.