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Aug 28, 2009 02:30 PM

Second Week of Restaurant Week?


Which restaurants, if any, are extending their Restaurant Week specials for an extra week? In the past, there have usually been at least a few.

  1. Answering my own question, here is a list that was posted previously:

    Il Mulino
    Nage Bistro
    Ici Urban Bistro
    701 Restaurant
    Art and Soul
    Cafe Atlantico
    Cedar Restaurant
    Co Co. Sala
    Darlington House
    Grillfish DC
    The Heights
    Juniper Restaurant
    Logan Tavern
    Mie n Yu
    PS 7's
    SEI Restaurant

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    1. re: ballston01

      Cedar restaurant's offerings are outstanding. Excellent! We were there last night and loved it. The food was great and they accommodated our large party with two children most admirably. We were very happy with all aspects of the restaurant.

      1. Teatro Goldini is also extending their RW specials

        1. The Washngtonian also has a fairly complete list of restaurants extending RW specials:

          They're updating it regularly; be sure to check out the Comments section where people are posting the latest additions to the list. I'm going to try to make it to the Prime Rib and maybe Art and Soul.

          1. Hi, We have two Restaurant Week threads in progress. We'll lock this one, so that we don't lose the replies. Please continue the discussion, here: And, thanks!