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Aug 28, 2009 02:27 PM

Woodstock / Saugerties / Kingston - tired of my standbys. Any suggestions?

We've been weekenders in the area for 3 years and are looking for some new favorites. These are our old standbys. What am i missing??

Picnic Pizza - love love love it. i know there are haters on this board
New World - loved this until the new menu. I find it a little uninspiring and not worth the $$. Even the carryover items from the original menu don't thrill me any more.
Red Onion - pretty solid, but not always in the mood for it
Miss Lucy's Kitchen - not always in the mood for the drive. Decent food, limited menu and pretty bad, inconsistent service
Joshua's - my idea of comfort food. don't love the atmosphere, so almost never go for anything other than lunch or dinner
Gabriels - decent. i want to like it more than i ever do.

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  1. kingston:
    elephant bar rocks my world.
    armadillo's is solid tex-mex.
    someone on the board mentioned an iranian/afghan (?) place, i think called aria? which some ppl have liked.

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    1. re: bob gaj

      Unfortunately the afghan restaurant in Kingston recently closed.

      1. re: bob gaj

        i like elephant for an afternoon drink (it's so dark in there it always feels like nighttime), but when i'm in the mood for a more substantial dinner, it doesn't really fit the bill.
        i thought armadillo was ok, but not worth the $$. I think Gypsy Wolf is better. Food's not as good, but not all that much worse, either.
        keep the suggestions coming! iranian/afghan would have been perfect....

      2. Agree with Elephant. Fabulous.

        Best French Resto in the area is Le Canard Enchaine in Kingston! Love it!

        Here is a review

        1. Hickory BBQ-Rte 28-Kingston

          1. My top 3 picks for the area are:
            Elephant in Kingson. I have never left there feeling anything but joyous.
            Swoon in Hudson. Wonderful, local and delicious.
            Mercato in Red Hook. Love it.

            Choose one of these 3 and you will not be dissappointed.

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            1. re: darkamber

              Mercato is definately worth the trip over the bridge...

            2. Has anyone tried Love Bites in Saugerties? It's a BYOB with a cute little wine shop right next door -- that's where I saw the menu and it looked good -- seasonal, fresh, and priced to please.

              Along those same lines, I love the food at Garden Cafe in Woodstock. It's lovely out on the patio and the food is vegan and organic. Fresh without tasting like day-old Birkenstocks.