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Aug 28, 2009 02:11 PM

Driving from ATL airport to Auburn, AL and looking for some great bbq

I am driving from the atlanta airport to Auburn next week and am looking for a place to stop and have some great bbq for dinner. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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  1. Slightly out of the way, but I'm a big fan of Macon Rd BBQ in Columbus.

    1. Chuck's BBQ in Opelika is very good...Saturday's buy 1 get 1 BBQue sandwich free! Good Stuff. in Auburn I like Byron's bbq.

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      1. re: Hapy

        I am quite fond of Byron's myself. In fact, it may be my favorite BBQ anywhere, although that is probably based partly on sentimentality.

      2. Again, may be a bit out of your way, but I like Country's BBQ in Columbus. I know they have multiple locations, but I've only been to the original just off Macon Rd. I like their Q, but also really appreciate the multiple good sides (not just slaw and beans) and great desserts.

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        1. re: onrushpam

          are they still open? I thought the original closed. I remember their having very good meat and a hot sauce that was so hot they had to put it in glass instead of the typical styrofoam cup. If they are still around then by all means give a try.
          Has any one hit Melear's near Fayettevile and I think a brother had a place near Union City. They used to be good. We would hit them when the folks lived in Fairburn.
          Sprayberry's is down near Newnan and has a following. The last time I tried them I was not particularly impressed but that was at least ten years ago. They were not bad just not great and the main reason we went was b/c it was on the way and to pay homage to Lewis Grizzard.

          1. re: Lan4Dawg

            We ate there a couple of months ago. At least, we ate at the one their website calls "Original". The food was very good.

            The last few times I've had Sprayberrys (admittedly at "catered" events), it's not been good.

            1. re: onrushpam

              I have to agree about Sprayberry's . Some people love it, but I've been unimpressed- the BBQ was OK, but way overpriced for what it was.

              My wife says she's heard people say good things about Hog Heaven BBQ in LaGrange, but neither of us have been there, so YMMV.

          2. re: onrushpam

            There's a Country's BBQ in downtown LaGrange (exit 18), which would be on the way..

          3. Ted babe ruthed it. Macon Rd. in Columbus Ga. Just buy 2 pounds.