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Lobster Roll Recommendations

My husband and I will be visiting NH and ME (from CA) in a few weeks and are looking for a few good lobster rolls. One place that was recommended to us (by a New Englander) is Bayhaven Restaurant in Cornish, ME. We were told that is where to find the "best lobster roll on the planet"! True?

We'd also appreciate any other suggestions for good lobster rolls along the southern coast of ME and the area around Fryeburg,ME. So far, my husband thinks the best lobster roll he's had in past visits has been at Allison's in Kennebunkport. And, as I am not a lobster fan, I'd like to see some recommendations of places that have good lobster rolls AND a variety of other food as well. Casual dining is what we like best. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.


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  1. My favorite is Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth about 20-30 min from Portland great views lighthouse and all the fried clams are yummy too. Have a great trip. Juli

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      I loved this place but the website makes it seem like a commercial tourist trap. It's definatley a higher end shack in that they have real restrooms but bottom line is that they put out a darn good roll. It is not waiter service though which would make it bad like mentioned above imo...

    2. I always stop at Bob's clam shack in Kittery for a RI style lobster roll without mayo. Just a buttered roll with lovely lobster and melted butter on the side to drizzle over it.


        1. I'll second Two Lights, very tasty and good size.
          The Lobster Wharf in Boothbay is also great, as is Markey's in Seabrook. These three all cook the lobster fresh and on the premises, unlike Bob's clam hut, which uses pre-cooked lobster meat from a commercial supplier - ugh!

          1. In coastal NH, the Beachplum stand across from NorthHampton beach is very good - take out only, walk across the road and watch the waves as you munch. Going north, Red's in Wiscasset has been advertised forever and worth the stop-- with or without mayo, loads of lobster, still a 'shack' takeout or eatout, always a line; If you want to take the ferry out of Portland for a scenic tour, eating a roll on the porch at Chebeague Island Inn can't be beat - tons of meat, best views of Casco Bay (full bar!) You can't really go wrong with a lobster roll except when paying touristy prices - should be $14 give or take a few.

            1. One of the best food bloggers in Maine, "Type A Diversions" just weighed in on the best Lobster Roll in this area and she proclaimed Falmouth Sea Grill to be the best. My favorites are Bob's Clam Shack (mentioned above) in Kittery and Susan's Fish and Chips on Forest in Portland. Also check out Gilbert's Chowder House in Portland for a varied seafood menu in a very casual setting. If you go to LL Bean, check out Harrasskeet Lunch in So. Freeport. Great alfresco shack right on the water.

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                Harraseeket Lunch is fabulous and is a very short dirve from LL Bean.

              2. Beal's and Red's are both excellent, if you can stand the wait at Red's. (I can!)
                Bob's and Beachplum both buy pre-packaged lobster meat, so they won't be getting any more of my hard-earned cash!
                Also, I'll second Two lights, thats a very good one too.

                1. I love the lobster roll in the bar at the Wentworth-by-the-Sea in Newcastle, NH (just outside of Portsmouth).

                  It's approx $20 (with fries) and you'll be stuffed. Huge chunks of lobster!

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                    Jess' fish market in Rockland; nothin' fancy, just a little may on a cold, round bun, but it was a packed full of some of the freshest lobster I've had in a roll.

                  2. Linda Bean's Famous Lobster roll in Camden (there is also one across from LL Bean in Freeport) and the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. Linda's uses some amazing kind of mayo and a unique hot dog bun -- so delicious! The Clam Shack uses a whole tail on a toasted and buttered hamburger bun. And of course, Red's in Wiscassett!

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                      According to another post on this web site, the amazing mayo is Miracle Whip.

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                        Yes indeed, it's Miracle Whip....yuk!

                    2. Stop and Shop sells lobster rolls that are very good. Here in Queens and all over New England they have a special of 3 for 10.99 about once every six weeks or so. See the thread below.