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Paris and points west

saacnmama Aug 28, 2009 01:09 PM

I'm just starting to dream up a trip to Paris, Versailles and Giverny for my son (he's nearly 7) and I, and am looking for eating reqs.
From comments on other boards, I gather that non-chain, quite good brasseries, pastry shops and cheese shops are easy to find and that I won't need special directions; is that right?

We don't have our whole itinerary worked out yet, but would like to spend a late afternoon and have supper in the N African area. Where would people suggest?

When I lived in Berlin, I had a Senegalese friend who served a vegetarian dish with peanut sauce in his restaurant. Whenever I've seen it since then, it's involved meat. Is there someplace in Paris where I can enjoy a veggie version?

Besides those two rather narrow questions, what other casual, tasty dining experiences would people recommend for the 2 of us?

Bonus question: on fodors.com, the trip report on "Elmo in Paris" tells about a wonderful dance hall where people ate, drank good wine, and danced and danced--lots of people, all dancing, having a great time. Is there anywhere like that where we could stop in between Versailles and Giverny (my thread "biker boy in France" on fodors explains why that location)?