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Aug 28, 2009 12:45 PM

Two nights with mother: Kingyo and _______

Back to school, back to Van. Mom is coming to help me move in and to share a few good Vancouver meals.

She wants Kingyo the first night. My choice the second night. Except that she has it in her mind that we should go to this resto that we walked by in Gastown on our way to Salt. Apparently I sang its praises. But I had never been there. Now I feel silly because I don't recall the episode.

It may have been Six Acres or Shebeen or Greedy Pig. But she thinks the food was French. Not gastropub and such.

Any ideas? If we could identify it, that would be lovely. But then I must not be that jazzed if I don't remember the place.

Somehow I have it in my mind that the food at Six Acres or Shebeen is not worthy of my "one night with mother meal." And, because Greedy Pig serves a fair-priced lunch, I'm thinking I could wait and check it out on my own. (It does not require mother's subsidy.)

Or could it have been Water St Cafe? Opinions?

Also considering Lolita's. Yes? No?

We're not looking for Chambar price points. Something reasonable. Anywhere in the city.
Just someplace really good. Thanks!

Our dining history:
La Quercia
Phnom Penh
Bin 941
Me and Julio

Go Fish

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  1. I bet you I know the French place you spoke of.

    Jules Bistro.

    I'd agree with you on the food at Six Acres and the Irish Heather (=Shebeen) not requiring parental subsidies. I'd say do those on your own, although the Heather is really quite fantastic. The Greedy Pig is one of my favorites too for that area.

    If you're looking for reasonably priced meals though that would be best with the parental subsidy, how about Pied a Terre or La Buca? Those would match nicely with your dining history and would be very worthy of a visit.

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    1. re: peter.v

      Concuring that it must be Jules Bistro.

      How about something different - Richmond Chinese food? It is now pretty accesable by Skytrain (less than 30 mins from Waterfront).

      1. re: fmed

        I gotta say, for the nature of this request, La Buca (either location though I am partial to the one in my hood, Kits). I still remember what it was like to be taken out for a special meal by the 'rents as a poor student and I would have wanted to go to La Buca :-). Just be sure to book ASAP...

    2. I would add Market, Boneta, and Coast, based on your previous dinners, to the list of recs (in that order) BTW the food at Jules Bistro was pretty good but not fancy....

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        1. re: vandan

          Vandan-yes it was a really good value...they were offering a 3 course prix fixe menu for $22 which is amazing for the food quality your getting.

          1. re: selena03

            I just reread your post and was wondering if La Buca might be above your price point. If so then by all means try Jules. We had a huge and tasty dish of pork and beans (sorry, couldn't resist, they were actually Puy lentils!) last time we went. I also noticed you were considering Lolita's which I like (esp tacos) but be aware it is very tiny and very loud with no resos, so go at opening to avoid lines and noise. Also since you've been to Me and Julio's may be too similar?

        2. re: selena03

          I forgot to put Boneta on the list. I've been there twice. Love the bison carpaccio.

          And I used to work for Jean-Georges in NY. (At Perry St.) Market is on my later list. The ambience is a bit too cool for my general tastes.

          I still haven't decided. I'm from Seattle, and we've got a great casual French scene. (Which I have been savoring during these final days of the summer.) So Jules doesn't really excite. We also have such ridiculous Mexican food that Van can't compare.

          Kingyo tonight was fantastic. Casual, lively, beautiful presentation, and, above all, delicious.

          To go with Van's strengths--- especially those relative to Seattle-- I think I should follow fmed's advice and head to Richmond for Chinese. Where would you go, fmed?

          Or perhaps we could check out Akbar's Own or Maurya. Or any other cuisine that Vancouver shines in. Thoughts?

          Sorry to change the game, but the boards lately haven't been too helpful. Thank you for all of your input.

          1. re: sophie.

            For two people? Perhaps Sea Harbour, Jade for upscale dining. For something more modest - Chen's Shanghai.

            1. re: sophie.

              I think you'd enjoy either Akbar's Own or Maurya....they are both favorites of mine...Maurya has a beautiful atmosphere, very attentive service and some interesting not so traditional items on the menu. It has more of a fine dining approach and is more expensive than Akbar's which is smaller and has a cozier, more relaxed feel. The food to my taste is excellent at both. If you haven't been to the Original Tandoori K. King on 65th and Fraser you should try that sometime... probably not when you are dining out with your Mom as it is much less expensive and a very basic environment...but the food is great....just make sure to go to the one on 65th not the Tandoori King on Fraser .

              1. re: balini

                If you have good French at home I'd pass on Jules (though you might consider another of Chef Durbach's enterprises, Pied a Terre...). Agree bigtime on the don't-both-with-Mexican here, sadly.

                Richmond for Chinese is always a good plan with the caveat that it is hard to order for two and not have a ton of leftovers. That's one of the reasons we're planning a Chowdown in Sept at Sea Harbour.

                No offense, balini, but I don't think Vancouver is strong on Indian, and I've been to the three places you rec numerous times. Maurya is the nicest (it is a very pretty room) but I find their non-buffet food overpriced and not that exciting. Akbar's is quite good if you order right but beware the uncomfortable wicker chairs :-). I've also had indifferent service in both places from time to time.

                The OP seems to like Italian so if the La Bucas are out, how about Cibo? Lovely room, topnotch service and really tasty, well-presented locavore food.

          2. Was it Boneta you walked by? I've not been, but there's plenty of comments about it on this board, mostly good IIRC.

            I second La Buca, and recommend the westend one on a warm evening (nice outdoor area), but agree the original rocks the rest of the time. I 'm looking to try Maenam one of these days- have you considered it?

            1. How about Les Faux Bourgeouis? I haven't tried, but I've read good things, and I think they're within your price point.