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Aug 28, 2009 12:01 PM

Charlie Burger's Latest Invite is out...

This month's concept: Le Guide Michelin de Charlie Burger 1973
This month's chef: Albert Ponzo, Executive Chef of Le Select Bistro
This month's "donation": $185/person.

The ususal Charlie items are on the menu:

Foie gras, sweetbreads, lobster, wagyu.

The calling card for this one is that the menu will apparently be prepared on a Molteni Stove that graced the kitchens of Maxim's de Paris, La Pyramide, L'oasis and Bocuse.

Interesting enough I guess, but not enough to make me want to part with $185 this time around.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Not just the price , but lamb's brains butted me out of this one.

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        1. re: jayt90

          Lamb brains is pretty good actually. well, just steamed or boiled brains can be a little bland. But if its prepared with stuff, it can be pretty good.

        2. I like much of the menu (can't eat oysters... bloody allergy!).

          And I'm a bit fan of Le Select..

          But when I think that Mr. Rabbit and I could take approximately $400 (and I know we'd have to factor in tax and tip, blablabla)... I would rather book a table somewhere that we have even a bit more flexibility on menu options... and where we're guaranteed that we won't have to make small talk all night with some icky stranger (or sit next to someone who has some palpable aversion to us).

          It's big money, and all things considered... non. The fact that only three of us have bothered to respond to another Charlie's thread also makes me wonder whether enthusiasm for this fad hasn't already waned somewhat?

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          1. re: Rabbit

            Enthusiasm definitely dampened here. I was thrilled when I added myself to the Charlie Burger mailing list, because of the original mission statement. I thought that I could try something new and interesting, for a semi-reasonable price.

            Now that the price is certainly upwards of the original statement, and I'm simply priced out, regardless of how much I want to attend. What a shame.

          2. I"m not sure what the Charlie Burger people are thinking, increasing the prices like that. Even if there are people who can afford it, it doesn't reflect well on them since many people have gone through a difficult year financially.

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            1. re: merlot143

              Not Lambs Brains again!!

              It doesn't look like good value to you or to me but if they sell it out more power to them.