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Aug 28, 2009 11:59 AM

Moving to FiDi, Need Restaurant Recs

Moving into my own place, but trading the East Village for the Financial District. Seems like the food options haven't yet caught up to the large increase in residential real estate down there (at least until BLT et. al open in 1-2 years)

Would love some recommendations for the best delivery spots (sushi, thai, indian, etc) as well as sit down restaurants. I'm specifically looking for places that are open past 6 PM and on weekends, as I've noticed many are open M-F for lunch only.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Sushi: Haru, Suteishi, Shinju
    Thai: Sage, Lemongrass
    Indian: Balucci's
    Italian: Barbarini, Il Brigante, Acqua
    Pizza: Adrienne's, Liberato's
    American: Koyzina
    French: Les Halles, Perle
    Middle Eastern: Alfanoose or Bread and Olive
    Healthy and/or Sandwiches/Salads: Toasties, Switch , Energy Kitchen, Just Salad, Lenny's
    Burgers: Burger Shoppe or Zeitzeff
    Bagels- Leo's

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      I second Barbarini, they deliver and are open till 10:30. Go to the MERCATO and sit on the back room.
      Adrienne's for Brunch
      sho shaun hergatt- havent tried yet but I've heard great things.
      Harry's Bar is a great neighborhood spot and they are open late.

      I've lived here for a year and usually walk to Tribeca since the choices are somewhat limited.

      1. re: trinyc

        Where is Balucci's? Is it new?

        Do you know the name of the new place in 2 Gold that has same owners as Adrienne's? I haven't been but a friend went and said it was good.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Hey FDR! The Balucci's is on Pearl Street, next to Perle and Zigolini's.
          FYI: Ordered Indian from Taj Tribeca last night and it was really good!!

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              I have--good margaritas! Tried the tacos which were good and on another visit a po boy. It was a bit too much bread for me. The place is a good fit for the space. Relaxed, inexpensive food and drinks.

              Have you been to Sho in the Setai?

              1. re: trinyc

                Thanks, trinyc. Went to SHO. Here's a recent thread (including my experience):


          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            The restaurant at 2 Gold is Harry's Italian Pizza bar.As you mentioned,same owners as Adrienne's.I have only had the pizza and it was good.Same style as Adrienne's,but not quite as tasty for some reason.A nice interior with a spacious bar and plenty of seating.Much roomier than Adrienne's and at least at lunch,quieter and calmer.
            The sandwiches and pasta looked very good.I've only been there once for lunch,but will definitely put it into the rotation.Prices were reasonable and they do deliver.

            1. re: TooLooseLaTrek

              Totally agree---it didn't taste as good as Adrienne's!

        2. Many restaurants are M-F because that's when the volume of people are downtown. It's really tough for the restaurants at dinner and on weekends. Number of FiDi residents pales in comparison to workers. If SHO doesn't make it (and it very much deserves to) my guess is there will be no new upscale options in FiDi for awhile.

          Second: Adrienne's (not for delivery), Acqua (stick with apps and pastas, pizza not great).

          Add: Table Tales Cafe on Water, Made Fresh Daily (may still be lunch only) on Front, Onda (Latin) on Front, SHO (upscale).

          Pubby & frequented by long time locals: The Paris (food not great, on South Street), Meade's (good, on Peck Slip), Ryan McGuire's on Cliff (good)

          Pubby and newer: Fresh Salt

          Pastries: Financier

          Haven't been yet but Seahorse or something like that opened in the old Mexican Radio, Belle de Jour space on Front (way by the B. Bridge). There's a Thai place on Fulton, not sure if they deliver. There is one Indian on Fulton and they deliver. Haven't found good bagels or bialies, seafood downtown. TriBeCa (Duane Park, Locanda Verde, and more upscale choices) and Chinatown are a short walk. EV/LES are close and have great dining options. Also Brooklyn (see Outer Boroughs Board).

          You might want to do a search by Wall Street and Seaport, there are many threads.

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          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Max (pretty good Italian) in TriBeCa delivers. Better than Il Brigante or Barbarini. IMHO Acqua is better than both but they do not deliver. No good Chinese delivery. Better off walking to Chinatown . . .

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Babarini is on Seamless Web. Other downtown restaurants are on Executive Dining. You might want to do a search of both those sites plus a search by financial district and TriBeCa on

          2. Almost forgot about Jack's Coffee on Front. Jack's closes pretty early so if you need a cup of coffee/espresso later Barbarini fitsthe bill. Jack's and Financier.

            And a new sandwich place . . . 'Swich or something like that. Not sure how late they are open.

            1. Threads on Mexican and pizza:


              There was a thread on Chinese delivery (last year?) that I can't find when I search this Board. Maybe someone else can find it and post the link. Kobe, etc. commented on the various Chinese delivery choices downtown.

              1. A very good choice for Chinese food is Au Mandarin at the World Financial Center.The food is good,prices a bit high but not exorbitant for the quality and delivery is efficient.I work near the Seaport and we order lunch from here a couple of times a month.Delivery takes about 30 to 40 minutes,but the food is always very hot when it gets here.I love their General's chicken.Another place we order from is Goodies.It's on Fulton Street,just west of Gold.They relocated from Chinatown this year.The food is good with quick delivery and they are open everyday until at least 10 pm.very good Pork Soup Dumplings.