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Aug 28, 2009 11:38 AM

2022 (formerly Ave) - Oakland

This nice, friendly bar / restaurant has a great happy hour from 5-7. Selected snacks, cocktails, and wine $5, beer $3. Free parking in the adjacent lot.

Thomas Berkeley cocktail (whiskey sours, more or less), a giant pile of very good mixed potato and sweet potato fries, fried chicken wing "lollipops" with a great spicy, crunchy coating, and Thai chicken skewers were all good. Draft beer selection could be better--just a hefeweizen and Anchor Steam yesterday.

The burger ($10, no happy hour discount) was good though rare rather than the medium-rare I ordered. It comes with fries, which are $5 on the happy hour menu, so if you were going to order fries anyway the burger is basically $5.

2022 Telegraph, near 20th, behind the Paramount, one block from 19th St BART.

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