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Aug 28, 2009 11:38 AM

Pizza Peel & Tap Room (Charlotte, NC)

Myers Park / Cotswold
4422 Colwick Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211-2312

A bar with a pizza problem! I mean this in a good way, seriously. I had a great time a Pizza Peel. With over 40 beers on tap and live bands playing it's hard not to call this place a bar first and foremost.

Despite the fact that the place serves enough varieties of pizza and toppings to make your head spin, there are other items on the menu for you to try.

This is certainly not NY style pizza, but that wasn't my expectation. People are disappointed because they enter Pizza Peel looking for something other that what it can deliver. I was looking for good deal on a beer and perhaps something unusual to absorb some of the alcohol. Mission accomplished here.

It's a social low key place worth checking out if you like to sample different local and foreign brews and have a decent pizza or sandwich at the same time. A good place to hang out with friends and meet some locals.

(ForkOver is a Foodie transplant from Brooklyn NY searching out and writing about what's to eat in Charlotte, NC)

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  1. My husband loves to go here because of the beer selection on tap.( I don't like tap, bottle nor can.) Keg is more my thing. Ha! Husband says "drink more beer the pizza gets better" You're right Ny style it's not .
    Funny, look what I dug up. Here is a review from CL ironicly reviewing Pizza Peel and Angela's Pizza at the same time WTF?. They are two different animals. Both offer something good but are no way near the same.

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        LOL! I was just sitting here scratching my head thinking the same thing!

        1. re: bbqdawg

          it was a joke! The quanity is larger than a glass of tap beer. If I gotta explain it, It was not funny!

      2. Have you tried Revolution Pizza in NoDa? better pizza, better beer selection.

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          Seconded and furthermore they brought in a new chef recently and the food just keeps getting better. I had a medium there with Mrs. friek last week and it was the size of what they used to call a large. We got it with feta, mixed mushrooms and truffle oil and it was delicious and perfectly cooked. The soggy middle problem they used to have seems to have been fixed for good.