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Aug 28, 2009 11:01 AM

Is there a Queens Alternative to the Red Hook Ball Fields?

We were at Flushing Meadows last Sunday going to the Queens zoo - and noticed the huge numbers of grilling/picnicing families. One woman we walked by was definitely selling her food. The others were too far off the path for me to know if they were selling (we didn't have time to investigate). I'm wondering if anyone knows if people sell their food at this park or any other besides The Redhook Ball fields. I was thinking of just walking up to people and letting them know how good it looked/smelled and seeing if there was some sort of exchange to be had.

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  1. Are you talking about a set of stands in a park or are you talking about having a number of options for street food? I find the food at the Redhook ballfields OK. But it is convenient for the area, and I like the festival atmosphere. However, I don't find any justification for going all the way to Redhook for the quality of the food, since I'm right near Roosevelt Ave. If you want better food and a festival atmosphere, just walk down Roosevelt (start on Junction and walk towards 74th St) on a weekend evening and you'll have many more options for street food, and arguably better quality, though you might have to walk a block or two between stands.

    1. there are a fair number of vendors selling food out around the pond and soccer flelds at flushing meadow. quite a few are ecuadorian, and sell cuy, and there are also quite a few garden variety andean carts. i've been a few times and, while it's fun, the food didn't knock me out. i'd agree that the carts on roosevelt are just as good, if not better, than what you'll find in flushing meadow, although they usually don't have cuy. and while the quality of food to be found at the roosevelt carts is generally good, you won't find certain things that appear at the ball fields (the selection of aqua frescas is more limited, huaraches are harder to come by and there aren't many pupusas on roosevelt.) but many of these missing items can be found if you step off the street and into any number of restaurants on roosevelt. my experience is limited to roosevelt during the daytime, so maybe the selection is greater at night.