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Aug 28, 2009 10:57 AM

Drinks on LES for four thirtysomething/fortysomethings

I have visitors coming to town and I am looking for a memorable place to meet them for drinks prior to dinner. We are going to Allen and Delancy for a late dinner. Their taste leans more towards The Mandorin Oriental Bar, The Four Seasons, & Daniel but I am trying to think of somewhere near the restaurant that they would like.

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  1. Levanteast would probably work (from the same guy who has "The Eldridge")

    1. All the online reviews of White Slab Palace seem to be horrendous. Maybe it will be memorable for its horrendousness! But I like it - the drinks are unusual, and good. It's a great space. And it's on the corner of Allen & Delancey, which makes it thisclose to the restaurant.

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        Have you ever been to Pegu Club? I thought of that for them but I"m worried about tourists. I'm more laid back but they want something really memorable.

        1. re: juliero

          I have. Tourists were not the problem, good old NYers were - scores of them, crammed into every available inch of space. I was lucky enough to have a table, but it's hard to enjoy even a good (but too expensive and too small) drink with someone's ass in your face. For me, anyway.

          Apotheke is more of a hike from A&D than White Slab, and I've never been 'cause it's out of my price range, but it's worth considering, also.

      2. What about Rayuela? It's not an upscale hotel bar but the decor is interesting. The "coming up roses" cocktail is sophisticated. The TriBeCa Grand (do they still have those deadly sin drinks?) and a taxi? Cocktails at SHO in FiDi and a taxi?

        Have you heard about the chef changes at A&D? You might want to do a search of . . .

        1. Milk & Honey is literally one block away, and if that's not memorable, then I don't know what is! Low lights, Prohibition-era vibe, hush-hush atmosphere...

          And the bar *at* Allen & Delancey is no slouch either.