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Aug 28, 2009 10:52 AM

Buffet Servings?

Not sure what happened when I posted this before..
but I was just wondering, how many times on average (not on a particularly starving day, or a day when you arrive at dinner already satiated) you return to the buffet and fill your plate?

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  1. As many times as it takes. I am always astonished (particularly on cruise ships) by people who load up their plate as if they were allowed only one trip to the buffet - they have salad, eggs benedict, fruit, potatoes, sausage, bacon, shrimp, crab legs, ribs, roast beef, ham, scrambled, omlette, waffle and who knows what else buried under that heap of stuff. Since I'm not washing the plates, I'll return to the buffet with a fresh plate for each item of food or a couple of items.

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      I am a "like to mix my foods when I eat" type of person, so I load up my plate with heaps and heaps of food, because that's how I like to eat, not because I don't think I can go back. Usually I just like the food touching other food....y'know?

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        I know what you mean. Often (particularily US Thanksgiving) I'll load up so that the mashed potatoes, the gravey, the peas, the turnips, etc., etc. all touch one another and form an amalgam of goo that is SO satisfying.

    2. I don't do buffets much, but when I do I usually make 3 trips through the line. On the first trip I get small amounts of everything that looks good. The second time around I get larger portions of the items I like the most from round 1. The third trip is for dessert. I have been known to get an final sausage link with dessert at brunch buffets.

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        That's my strategy as well. Although I feel bad about the stuff I take one bite out of and discard.

      2. The number of trips to return to the buffet are only relative if you consider how big the plates are and how much food is piled on. It's quite usual for the first plate to be large, but subsequent plates not as large in food weight. Also, some do not like to mix certain items on the plate.

        Personally, I'm not a buffet guy for the most part, but I do enjoy breakfast at a nice hotel where I am staying and when they offer a brunch type menu on weekend.....I'll admit to over indulging at those times with too much bacon and/or smoked salmon......but really, I'm more of a sampler type person and I like to try small amounts of interesting items....which sometimes means many trips to the buffet. I like to keep my selections separate and light, like tapas and not fill my plate. I believe you should take only what you intend to eat and never wast food if possible.

        1. Two ~~ First one is a small serving of everything the "looks" good..Second one is a serving of everything that "taste" good. ~~~~ I don't do the desserts!

          1. At least three.

            But never is the plate full.

            I appear to not be eating much...