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Aug 28, 2009 10:43 AM

Chliean food-Charcica???

Helli am currently watching No reservations and am scouring the website looking for a recipe for Charcica(mashed pumkin and potatoes with veggies) ??? its the side dish with the big rib would LOVE to get a recipe or at least the correct spelling so ican fnd one on the web -Thanks in advance -Terry

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  1. I've been looking around and the only thing I see similar is Charquican, a minced meat and squash & potato stew/mush. It looks like a lot of the recipes are in Spanish.

    1. Here's a definition:

      I googled for recipes and came up with quite a few in English. This one ought to be pretty authentic:

      I didn't see the episode but I love Chilean food and it sounds interesting.