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Aug 28, 2009 10:42 AM

vodka dinners in brighton beach??

hello i am curious about dining at a russian place down in bb, but have no idea what the scene is like. i do not speak russian, nor am i familiar w/ the food. i'm wondering what are some of the best places, what the prices are like, what kind of food is offered (i prefer seafood to meat), etc. i'm not a huge eater, but i would like to try russian specialties, and of course, vodka! p.s. do you need reservations for a saturday night? thanks for any info!

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  1. I would not recommend a Russina restuarant for a quite evening out....If you are gathering a few people then it is a treat. The food is abundant and you will have to bring your own vodka.....ofcourse you can buy vodka at the retaurant but that will be more expensive. As a trip to a good russina restaurant is a minimum $75.00 per person w/o tip.

    With that said here are some good ones:

    Tatyana is great...right on the boardwalk....make sure to choose the restuarant and not the in advance for a reservation. Russians don't respond well to economic down many cases are uneffected and the restuarants are just as packed if not more.

    You are in for an experience you won't soon forget....enjoy.

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      thanks for the info mike...just wondering, have you been to any other places down there? also, any that are cheaper, say $40-50pp? thanks!

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        So even though Tatiana sells vodka, they don't mind if you BYOB? That would save a lot of $$!

      2. " I'm not a huge eater"

        Then a trip to a Russian restaurant might not be your best choice. Its like someone who doesn't like fish going to a sushi restaurant. Russian food is not dainty.

        I would agree to go to Tatiana. Suck it up and go on a weekend for the Russia meets Vegas dinner show. It defines over the top. Plenty of seafood and non meat options.

        Just spend the rubles.

        1. Sadly, I moved away a few years ago, but there was a place called Ocean View Café that offered reasonably priced dishes along with full glasses of vodka. This place was informal and considerably less involved than the banquet or dinner theatres one can also enjoy (Primorski and International come to mind). Nevertheless, I recall a tasty meal (I had the trout with potato and cabbage, my friend had the rabbit, and I can't remember the third, but we all shared the starter of vareniki... mmmm buttery..). I drank glasses of vodka as did another friend, but compote (a sweet fruit drink) was also on offer.

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            thanks for the great tip, lizard...this place sounds promising