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Aug 28, 2009 10:13 AM

Indian cooking classes in Toronto?

Looking to do a workshop or course in Indian cooking. I would prefer something more informal and inexpensive than George Brown or Calphalon. I've heard of Arvindas ( and - has anyone tried either of these, or others?


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  1. Loblaws has some sessions on indian cooking, but havent tried them

    1. I took Part 1 of Shashi's class a couple years ago. It's a good introduction and very informal. There were about 5 or 6 of us in the class. She would demonstrate what she was doing and get us to help with certain parts, but we didn't do everything from beginning to end, as in the more professional classes (not in indian cooking) I took at GB. Her food is good, although a little tame in spicing for my liking. It is also lacking in a kind of richness and depth that I have found in other friend's Indian cooking, and not just because it's on the healthy side. It's good for the basic concepts of Indian cooking though.

      1. I took a good Indian cooking course at the Calphalon Centre.

        1. I took it at George Brown. Not sure what's wrong with formal and first I thought it was weird that my chef was Spanish/Mexican with the last name Fernandez... but he really is Indian. And after the course, he gave us his email and said that we could email him with any additional questions we had on Indian Cuisine.

          He stressed the fundamentals of Indian cooking and key spices, how everything followed a pattern. He always did a review of the previous class in each class and asked us how it went when we tried the recipes he demo'd but never did in the lab and offered solutions to problems we faced at home.

          I was a little disappointed with the fact that Butter Chicken was not on the course outline, but he gave us his recipe for it when we asked.

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            If his name was Fernandez, chance are he was Goan. Goa used to be a colony of Portugal and it is a common surname in those parts.
            Butter chicken is a north Indian dish so that wouldn't likely be his specialty.

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