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Dec 1, 2004 07:13 PM

Sawtelle Blvd.

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Hey all,

My grandmother is taking our family out to dinner ... she wants to have it at a restaurant on Sawtelle. I suggested Sawtelle Kitchen, which is a possibility, but what other, possibly better options are there? What of 2117 or Blue Marlin? We've already been to Orris.

There will be six of us present at dinner.

Much appreciated!

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  1. Blue Marlin may be a bit casual for a family dinner. Sawtelle Kitchen is a bit cramped as well.

    What about that Fried Chicken place, Furaibo. They have some interesting dishes there and some cool Tatami rooms in the back I believe.

    1. j
      john gonzales

      I've not been to Blue Marlin. I go to Saw.Kitch. and 2117 quite a bit. I really like both. The food at 2117 is more expensive ($17 entrees) but much better.
      Frankly I think it is one of the best values in town.
      It is asian\franco influenced. There are asian things, but also things like foie gras or pork chops.
      They even allow for one to create there own three-course.
      If you're going next Tues by any chance I'll be there.

      1. Although 2117 would be my top choice, how about Sushi Tenn?

        Just curious, why does it have to be on Sawtelle?

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        1. re: ipse dixit

          My family is in love with the place and want to stroll around before/after dinner.

          I don't really get it.

        2. Just went to Sawtelle Kitchen last night and it was a very good value (3 people, $39 including tax and tip). I love this place...
          I wouldn't choose it if I had a party of 6. It is not well laid out for a big group - too cramped. In the summer, when you can comfortably eat outside, this is not a concern. But squeezing 6 people in that tiny space just doesn't seem worth it.

          Place Yuu, Furaibo (or FuRaiBo as their signs say) and 2117 would be more comfortable for that sized group. Kiriko has a tatami space, if you reserve, that would also be nice.

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          1. re: igj
            quiz wrangler

            Furaibo also has a private tatami room. It appears to seat more than your party, about 12, so you should call and ask if interested.

          2. FuRaiBo is a great place to go. Always packed. Hurry Curry is totally worth the money as well!

            I would definitely NOT recommend Blue Marlin. The service there was HORRIBLE! My friend found a fly in her soup and made a complaint to the manager. The manager insisted that he couldn't do anything about it and even went so far as to argue with us about it. He refused to do anything about the plate (1/2 off or replacing it).