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Aug 28, 2009 09:23 AM

Best value in Paris? Good food for 30-40 euros a head including wine?

Any suggestions please? Would love St Germain area but very flexible , not fussed about the decor, not even looking to impress but just appreciate and enjoy good value, good food and some atmosphere!


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  1. Well, here's at least one response that seems to fit your description : Le Languedoc. It's about a 30 minute walk from St Germain (and this will only add to your appetite, and help you digest on the way home). This is our favorite neighborhood spot, the kind that many tourists may not find. Don't even think of haute cuisine, or have those kinds of expectations. Think of locals coming in with their dogs, sitting down, and not even ordering; the staff knows what to bring them. We’ve had diner here many times (at least 7) since 2001. It’s a bit off the track (the outer 5eme), but worth it. Start with the herring in olive oil. Then try the confit de canard, which must be ordered for two. The Dubois family has run this place for more than 30 years — you will see mother, father and son (always in a blue shirt), helped by a burgundy-vested waiter who looks like Sidney Greenstreet. The family wine, from down south -- a white and a red -- is a great value by the bottle. 64, Boul. de Port Royale. Métro: Le Gobelins. Tel. Open 12:00 noon-2:30 (lunch), 7:00-10:30 (dinner), Note: Closed Tues. & Wed.

    -- Jake Dear ( http://parisandbeyondinfrance.blogspo... )

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      You can dine at le Languedoc for 30eur?

      You can at Fish, rue de Seine, anyway, with excellent wines. And it's open everyday and very English speaking.

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        Souphie, "Languedoc for 30eur"? -- si, but more enjoyable for about 40, which still is within the stated range of the original question. Thanks for mentioning Fish la Boissonnerie (69 rue de Seine -- a former fish shop, now a fish and wine bar, I understand?) -- we've often walked by it, and on your recommendation, it moves up on our list. But now I have to ask: "Fish for 30eur"? The reviews I've seen suggest a bit more . . . but still, it seems to fit in the "value" category.

        -- Jake

    2. I hesitate to promote John Talbott's Paris too much but I just posted a list that includes:
      Le Clocher Periere,
      Les Bouchons ex-Francois Clerc, now Le Restaurant de Philippe et Jean Pierre
      Opus Vins,
      La Cantine du Troquet,
      Memere Paulette
      Au Gout Dujour,
      Firmin, le Barbier,
      Cafe Constant,
      Cave est Restaurant,
      Les Symples de l'Os a Moelle,
      La Boulangerie,
      Le Pre Verre
      + Georgette.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        Thanks! went to La Cerisaie and just loved it!! Excellent meal and great atmosphere- a real find. Only downside was I thought the wine prices were a bit steep but will definitely be going back!!