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Aug 28, 2009 08:45 AM

2 Nights in SW France

My wife and I are staying at L'Auberge Basque in Saint-Pee-sur-Nivelle for 2 nights in October. One night we are eating at the restaurant at the inn (which is supposedly very good) and then the next day we have no plans. Do any of you have suggestions for lunch/dinner/markets within the area that we should visit. We will have a car so driving will not be a problem.


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  1. SW France is a large area - where is St-P-sur-Nivelle, and how far are you prepared to travel?

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    1. re: Theresa

      i think it's near biarritz. we are stopping in saint-pee-sur-nivelle for 2 nights on the way to san sebastian. i'd say we'd be willing to drive 30-45 minutes for great food, either super ritzy michelin-style, or down home off-the-beaten path but not expensive food.

      1. re: jon

        You realise there is a 1* (L'Auberge Basquein) in town? Plus there are another 4 starred restaurants within 10km, and even more if you drive further (check via Michelin websight).

        On my last visit we enjoyed "Sissinou" in Biarritz, not starred, but very good, well priced and quite local.

        1. re: PhilD

          L'Auberge Basque is good, refined food in a very relaxing environment. There's an affordable lunch menu (43 EUR) if you're not inclined to spend too much. A la carte would be around 60 EUR if I remember correctly, and there's a 5-course tasting menu at 85 EUR. This was last year, it may be a little bit more expensive now.

          Oh and by the way, don't miss the Moulin de Bassilour, it's a bakery that produce very good things in an old mill. The place in itself and many of the things they sell are not to be missed!

          1. re: PhilD

            thanks, we are staying at the l'auberge basque and already have a reservation there for dinner. wondering if there is anything else close by for dinner on our second night in france.