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Hazelnut flour?

I'm thinking of making macarons with hazelnut flour instead of the traditional almond meal. Does any one know of a local source? Online stores offer them in large quantities so that's not an option.

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  1. If you have a blade coffee grinder or a good food processor make your own. Way fresher than anything you can buy.

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      The trick in making your own nut flour is to put some of the sugar or flour from the recipe into the processor with the nuts. This keeps the nuts from turning into nut butter, but you still need to watch, and stop as soon as you reach the desired fine-ness.

    2. Bob's Red Mill makes it, and WF carries alot of their products...I know I've seen the almond meal there, but not sure about the hazelnut. You can buy a single bag at Bob's online site...not sure what you consider "large quantities", but their bag is 4 lb (>$40...ouch!).

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        I could (almost) swear that I've seen that brand of hazelnut flour at one, maybe two locations of WF. Problem is I can't remember which ones I"ve seen it at, as I tend to frequent most of the locations in the Boston Area. (MAYBE River street in Cambridge, but call first!)

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          Yeah, $40 is too much for my budget. I've seen one for $35 at Amazon too, but again, too large a quantity for too much money.

        2. I know TJs has almond flour; they MAY have hazelnut flour. I am not sure.

          Assuming that 8 ounces is not too much, here is an online source that may have escaped your attention when you looked:


          I have only had excellent experiences purchasing from King Arthur Flour. Delivery is pretty quick, even by ground. I used to have a tradition of visiting their store every year about a week or two after Labor Day, when the first hints of color touch the trees but the leaf peepers have not yet begun to clog the roads. It's about 2 1/2 hours from Boston and a good excuse for a Connecticut River Valley day trip. The only bad part is you will feel a strong urge to buy things... such lovely gadgets and enticing ingredients, oh my!

          1. Thanks all, for the suggestions. Funny that I never would have guessed King Arthur's flour, although this is what I use for baking. I didn't know about the King Arthur's place in CT, that sounds like a fun field trip opportunity for me since I love kitchen gadgets.

            I haven't seen hazelnut flour at the Woburn nor Alewife WF, but it is a good idea to call to see if any of the other area stores carries it. They have almond flour at the TJ near me, but no hazelnut flour unfortunately.

            I'm less inclined to make hazelnut flour from scratch, partly from sheer laziness, but also because the recipe I'm using for macarons is already time-intensive. I do make my own hazelnut butter though, even though I can't seem to grind the hazelnuts in the food processor fine enough for the purpose. Hmmm, so anybody knows how I can make home made hazelnut butter with a finer texture? Mine is pretty coarse.

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              The King Arthur store is in Norwich, Vermont (just north of White River Junction on Route 5), not Connecticut. We're always there the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving, following a church game supper in nearby Bradford the night before.

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                Sorry to be a source of confusion... the Connecticut River ends in Connecticut, but before it gets there, it flows between Vermont and New Hampshire, and then through Massachusetts. I-91 is generally parallel to it, just a little bit to the west. King Arthur Flour is in Norwich, VT. Not too far away, on the other side of the river, is Dartmouth. It's pretty up there.

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                  Thanks for the clarification. I'm not too familiar with this part of the country so it's good to know that the store is in Vermont. Maybe I'll go there in the early fall for hiking, biking, kayaking, Ben and Jerry's and the King Arthur flour store. Sounds like a great three- or four-day trip.

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                    Not sure if you've ordered the flour or no, but I'm near certain MB in Chelsea has it (Bob's Red Mill brand). I'll be there tomorrow and can double-check (you can call them but its so crazy in there on weekends not sure how effective phone call would be). I'll post back tomorrow if somebody doesn't beat me to it (FYI the new MB has pretty much all the Bob's stuff - bigger selection than I've seen anywhere).

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                      Whether or not hazelnut flour is included I can't recall, but the BRM section in the Wilmington MB is about 2 ft wide, and runs from top shelf to bottom, if memory serves. Maybe 25-30 different items? Is the Chelsea display larger?

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                        Oh, please post back. I can swing by the Wilmington MB since it's close to my workplace.

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                        Ben and Jerry's is in Burlington, VT, quite a distance from King Arthur Flour. If you go there, there are plenty of other things to do and see. Burlington is on Lake Champlain, a very important place in the history of the American revolution. It is also where Cabot Cheese is located. The tour there is great! But do try to beat the leaf peepers - the roads get clogged and the rooms are hard to find during peak color season.

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                          Ben and Jerry's main offices are in South Burlington, and a fun place to visit (not sure if open to public though - their CEO is an alum of my b school so I went for a trip) but you can do the factory tour in Waterbury VT, which is closer to Norwich... about an hour or a little more away. If you go, do not miss Hen of the Wood in Waterbury - great food in a lovely setting, a former grist mill.

                  2. Hi!
                    If MB does not have the hazelnut flour, you can purchase it online through King Arthur Flour Company: http://search.kingarthurflour.com/?N=....

                    1. Burdick Chocolate in Harvard Sq sells 1lb bags of hazelnut flour (along with almond flour and pistachio flour).

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                          Ah. I can get to Harvard Square easily so I'll check out the store. I wonder if they have chestnut flour too? I guess I'll find out soon enough. Thanks.

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                            FYI the Chelsea MB does not have the hazelnut flour. For future reference the Bob's section is 4', 5 shelves. I know I recently saw a bag of hazelnut flour (can see it clearly in my mind - for what that's worth) so I think it must have been at the Medford Whole Foods (formerly Wild Oats). Its the only other market I've been to in past 45 days or so if you can't get at Burdick's give them a buzz.

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                              Thanks for the heads up. I'll try Burdick's first since it's closer to me.

                        2. I made a batch of Hazelnut macarons at Aroa a couple of moths ago. They had a giant tub of flour and I would be surprised if they wouldn't sell you some for personal use.

                          1. Just saw hazelnut flour at Sessa's, the little Italian market in Davis Sq on Holland St (next to Magpie).

                            414 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02144

                            1. Polcari's in the North End lists almond and chestnut flour on their website - but they might have hazelnut, too (and if they don't, they might be able to get it).


                              I can't figure out how to add to Chow Places anymore, so here's the info:

                              105 Salem St.
                              Boston, MA 02113
                              Tel. 617-227-0786

                              I love this place...

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                                I'm glad I posted this question, otherwise I wouldn't have heard of half of the places in this thread. Amazing how many gourmet chocolate and spice shops there are in this town.

                                I placed my order of hazelnut flour from the King Arthur store, along with other things I only learned about yesterday but can't live without now. Thanks for all the pointers.

                              2. It may be too late to help the OP, but for future reference, the Fresh Pond Whole Foods carries hazelnut flour. I saw it there earlier this afternoon.

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                                  Na, it's not too late. I postponed making macarons and opted to bake a cake instead.

                                  Thanks for the tip. I pass by this WF on my way to Malden so it'll be very convenient for me. I hope they don't run out by tomorrow.

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                                    It's on aisle 4 on the top shelf of the right side about 1/3 of the way back if going from front of store to back. Bob's Red Meal $11.99 for 14 oz.