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Aug 28, 2009 08:20 AM

Sunday Brunch

Heading to Seattle this weekend and looking for a good Sunday Brunch. Looking for something downtown, Lake Union or West Seattle as I have family there. Thoughts?

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  1. I highly recommend Lola in downtown, Spring Hill in West Seattle, and Portage Bay. Also Le Pichet and Steelhead downtown. Geraldine's Counter is also a great place- It is in Columbia Valley.

    1. Salty's in West Seattle has a highly-regarded buffet, and an outstanding view of downtown Seattle and Elliot Bay.

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        I agree with a lot of the above. If you want a grandiose buffet spread, Salty's can't be beat. For ordering off a menu, Geraldine's Counter has one of the best breakfasts around at the more basic end of things, and Steelhead Diner is also great if you want something a bit (but not a lot) more upscale.

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          Personally, I think Salty's view is better than their food. The shellfish bar and desserts are okay, as is anything made to order, but the food that sits in the warmers is bleh.

          We really enjoy Portage Bay for brunch.

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            Salty's buffet is nice and the view is great. Best things there are the seafood bar (shrimp, oysters and crab legs) and the made to order Belgian waffles with real whipped cream. Oh, and the donuts they make and hand to you hot. YUM.

            I also like weekend brunches at Cafe Campagne, Boat Street cafe, 5 Spot (more diner-y, try the corned beef hash if you like CBH and beets), and dim sum at O'Asian.

          2. The Macrina Bakery in Belltown is great. Everyone is in on the secret, so get there by 10 or expect a long wait.
            The Boat Street Kitchen's French menu is a nice alternative to a standard American brunch, and you can wander through the sculpture garden afterwards.
            The Bohemian in West Seattle has a nice Spain/France/Switzerland via Seattle vibe.

            Spring Hill has really great sausage gravy, but consider getting it some way other than via the chicken and waffles.

            Portage Bay Cafe is the most overrated restaurant in Seattle, and the Terry Avenue location is about as loud as a freight train. Don't do it, it's a trap.

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              Good call on the Spring Hill chicken & waffles.
              I've loved most of their stuff there but was sorely disappointed by the C&W

            2. Portage Bay Cafe serves a nice brunch and has a location in South Lake Union. The organic buckwheat pancakes are the best I've tried and omelets are excellent too. Plus, there's a strong emphasis on local organic products.

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