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Aug 28, 2009 08:04 AM

Anniv Dinner in/near Atlantic City?

We will be staying in Ocean City for a week, and my folks have offered to send us out and babysit, so we're looking for some nice restaurant options. We just ate at Barclay Prime in Phila, so although I'm sure Chelsea Prime is amazing, we're looking for smething else. My DH is not much of a "foodie" so we need somewhere we can both find a good selection. Can be steak, seafood, italian, asian... Price not really an issue - don't mind paying for great food/service/experience.

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  1. Try the Knife and Fork Inn or Chef Vola's in A.C. to meet your criteria. The Ram's Head Inn, inland down rt 30 in Absecon, is also very good.

    1. Just gor back from AC. Ate here:

      It was excellent, will try to post details later.

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        We've eaten at Buddakan before in AC - It WAS amazing :) We're thinking of going back too, just to guarantee ourselves of an awesome meal! Thanks!