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Aug 28, 2009 06:54 AM

Kooper's Burger Truck?!?!?!?!!??!!?

I saw the folks at Kooper's Tavern loading up a shiny new burger truck this morning. Does anyone know anything about this? Where does it park? Does it have a schedule? I'm thrilled that Baltimore is getting in on the food truck trend. Very exciting new development.

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  1. No schedule as yet. They will be on twitter @ BRGRwagon and they do have a facebook page which they plan to update frequently. The menu incudes all the regular Kooper's Tavern favorites and build your own burger options including Angus Beef, Gunpowder Farms Bison, Turkey and a veggie option. Fries and onion rings are available and sodas ar of the bottled variety. Prices are about $1 cheaper than the restaurant right now but are subject to change. Check out teh website @
    You can sign up for updates and locations. The truck will be at Broadway and Thames tonight and Thames and Bond for Fells Point Fun Fest in October. The owner plans to take the truck to the Ravens games but plans are not fully set yet as for as parking at the stadium and doing business. As a disclaimer, I do work for Kooper's but not the truck.

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      I forgot Kobe (waygu) for a burger option!

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        Thanks for the info because the link on the website wasn't working. Good luck.

      2. saw this truck todsy on York Rd in Hunt Valley. Didn't try anything BUT I found it interesting that the truck is called CHOWHOUND.....looks like some type of endorsement to me. I wonder if they have secured the trademark to use that name????