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Aug 28, 2009 06:35 AM

Seafood Restaurants in Philadelphia

I have family visiting Philadelphia and they want to go to a seafood restaurant. It seems like a ton of restaurants I've been to and enjoyed have seafood on the menu, but I can't think of many that would be considered "seafood" restaurants except for McCormick and Schmicks.

I'm going to send them a link to the website of Little Fish, which I really like, and maybe Estia. Can anybody recommend anything else (either BYO with lots of seafood or big seafood restaurant). I'm not sure if they are looking for somewhere to get steamed crab legs, etc. or if they are just looking for a nice restaurant that serves a lot of seafood dishes.

Thanks for everybody's help!

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  1. Devon Seafood Grill. Went to their new outpost in Hershey in July, and it was very very good. The biscuits they bring to the table are delightful, and preparations and presentations are on point.

    Goat Cheese Brushetta was a highlight as well

    1. Oyster House (the former Sansom St. Oyster House). XIX also has a mostly seafood in a beautiful setting.

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        Those are both great suggestions, great places. If they go to Oyster House, someone needs to get the fisherman's stew. Stick to the more traditional dishes there, the fine dining-esque dishes are not as good. Nineteen is great, excellent raw bar and the view is delightful up there. Prices are comparable at both places.

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          Great! I was just thinking about Oyster House. I just tried it this last weekend. My boyfriend and I got sandwiches there for lunch. We were intrigued by the lobster sandwich with 1 1/4 lbs. of lobster, but did not order it.

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            I'd second the Estia choice. One of my favorite restaurants in town.

            I have not been to Oyster House yet but have heard good things about it and will be going to lunch there very soon so any tips would be appreciated!

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              Get oysters! An alarmingly large number of mine were sloppily shucked, with shards of shell and grit, but they are very fresh and the variety is great. I had a similar problem with the lobster hush puppies, there was a big piece of lobster shell in one of them.

              The best things I had were from the small plates section, though as I said the fisherman's stew is pretty great. There was a fried calamari app that I really liked, I don't see it on the menu now though.

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                The fisherman's stew sounds great...and oysters sound so good to me right now. Good summer food...

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                  I'm surprised to read a complaint about the oysters. I sat directly in front of the shuckers last night and was surprised at how they picked at the oysters after opening to make sure they were clean. My a-buck-a-shucks were large, fresh, and good.

                  1. re: Max Buten

                    I think it may be a product of how busy they are at the time. I sat at the bar one time, when it was slower, and didn't have that problem. Other times, when it was busier and there were two guys shucking oysters, I got bits of shell. Maybe one of them just isn't very good at it. I've been to Snockey's several times and they are pretty busy there, but I've never had a bit of shell in an oyster.

                    I still really like the OH, I just wanted to prepare the OP for the possibility of some not very well-shucked oysters.

          2. Not to threadjack but while I was at Taste the Nation the folks from Little Fish said they were opening a new, larger place called Fish. Not sure exactly when it's opening, but I got the impression it was soonish. I have a business card with the exact location at home. They said the menu would be different between the two places.

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              Right. I will definitely look into this. It's supposed to serve alcohol too, right?

              I am so excited...I am doing the Sunday tasting menu at Little Fish in about two weeks. I have waited sooo long.

            2. In addition to Estia, your parents could also consider a few other notable Greek BYOs that feature fish. Kanella is a terrific restaurant and always features a grilled fish special (their menu is predominantly land-based, though), and Dmitri's, with two locations in center city, has long been a favorite of my family's for their simply grilled fish dishes.