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Aug 28, 2009 06:21 AM

Taqueria at AS220 in Providence closing

Just heard word that the Taqueria at AS220 will be closing up shop. So sad. It's such a great cheap place for some really great food and drink.

Hopefully they'll be able to set up somewhere else but from what I've heard it's not likely.

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    1. re: malyna

      From what I've heard it sounds like there was a falling out between the Taqueria folks and the AS220 folks. Too bad. Seems like they had a good thing going there, definitely seemed mutually beneficial.

      1. re: dagwood

        this is the worst news ever. and i hate as220 more than ever now. the owners of taqueria are the nicest folks ever. i'm seriously bummed. bring the truck out of retirement?

        1. re: sarabean

          Hate? Why do you hate AS220? Isn't that an artist collaborative or something?

          1. re: Rhody Dave

            they should get a job. like working a** off 15 hours a day in a kitchen. no, i don't really hate them, i just have to vote for chefs if the battle is chefs vs. "artists". then again, we ARE artists in a way...

            1. re: sarabean

              Clearly you are unaware of some of the stuff that AS220 staff does....would you REALLY tell people who teach art in the Training School to "get a job?" I've got my own issues with the folks as AS220 overall, but the only ones I've known personally have worked at the RITS...and FYI, working one's a$$ off at a juvenile detention facility is TOTALLY a job.

              1. re: GabachaYucateca

                ugh, i knew someone would freak.. i was being sarcastic, lighten up, if you "have your own issues w/ as220 overall" that should suffice to say you understand why i groan a little at the OP response. i also have friends who have done great work there, i.e. teaching break dancing classes to "at risk" youths, yada yada.. i'm bummed about the tacos. period.