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Aug 28, 2009 12:54 AM

Coffee: Best beans in Brooklyn?

A friend moved to Brooklyn (Red Hook) and is desperately searching for good coffee. I found this recent thread about Stumptown

Stumptown Coffee, thanks for the tip!

A search in places for coffee and Brooklyn pulled up this list

I need help narrowing it down. Extra points for places close to Red Hook. Thanks.

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    1. re: carfreeinla

      Does Fairway have anything but supermarket beans? How fresh are they? This is a coffee geek who is not going to be happy with two week old beans by some mass producer like Starbucks. While he appreciates Peet's, they might not get the love they need at a large market. Maybe NY is better about this than San Francisco though.

      1. re: rworange

        Fairway roasts their own beans, and they have a decent selection to choose from. Go to the back of the Red Hook Store to find their own blends/beans, etc. Sahadi's on Atlantic also has a similar but smaller coffee selection, although I think they just import the beans and don't do roasting.

    2. D'Amico on Court and Degraw has a great house blend and is not too far from RH.

      1. Stumptown beans, which can be purchased at Cafe Pedlar (on Court at corner of Warrne) or at Frankie's lower down on Court, are by far the best beans in Brooklyn and all of the city, especially now that they are roasted not far away on Van Brunt St. (not for sale to public at roastery, yet). Nothing else compares.

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        1. re: BGRose


          I second your Stumptown recommendation. I get my beans at the Brooklyn Flea underneath the bridge. However for the past 2 weeks, the Stumptown stand has been absent.

        2. I think you can get Stumptown beans at Prime Meats too, which is about 2 doors down from Frankies on Court.

          1. The Park Slope Food Coop, IMO, has the best beans. I've tried the beans from Fairway, Larder, Leaf & Bean, etc. The Coop always comes out tops.