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Best Hot & Sour Soup????

This used to be my favorite thing as a kid, and I have not found one that can compare to the (now closed) Chinese place we used to go to in the 90's.

I know my own tastes have changed, but someone in town must make an outsanding H&S Soup!!!

I prefer to stay away from the SGV (I'm in the Southbay) but if it's worth it i'd be willing to drive.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. It's possible a little more information might help other hounds better understand what you consider to be good h & s soup. For instance, what was the place you mentioned that is closed now? What are some of the specific places you've tried it and found it "wanting" to you? Do you like it more on the sour end of the spectrum or the hot side?

    For instance over here in the Coastal West LA area we like the version at Cheng Du on Pico Blvd. just a little west of Sawtelle Blvd. and also the one over at Hop Woo on the SW corner of Sepulveda and Olympic Blvd. is tasty. There was this previous thread about h & s soup up in Hollywood: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/601782

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      The restaurant on from my youth was called "Szechuan" and was on sepulveda in Westchester , right where hometown buffet is now. It was great american-chineese food.

      I don't know how I'd describe the soup. It dide have a good kick to it though.

    2. I too enjoy a solid bowl of Hot & Sour soup. While I have yet to find an outstanding version, my current favorites are: Yang Chow (Downtown and in Woodland Hills), Bamboo (Sherman Oaks), Hop Le (Downtown and West LA), and Chung King (SGV). The Chung King version has a different flavor profile than the others listed here, probably because of the pepper combo they deploy in their soup.

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        Is that Bamboo on Ventura or Bamboo Forest on Magnolia? The hot and sour soup at Bamboo Forest is the best I've found in the SFV.

      2. My favorite sweet and sour is the one served at City Wok on Ventura Blvd and Vineland. I haven't explored many options for sweet and sour soup but those I know who have and have tried City Wok have claimed it as being one of the best.

        1. The best that I have ever had is at East Winds Asian Cuisine in Huntington Beach on the south-east corner of Edinger/Golden West near Sizzler's. Its very dark and thick and has a great bite to it.

          1. China Grill Bistro adjacent to the Manhattan Village Mall in Manhattan Beach.

            1. Try the H&S soup at Little Asia in Hawthorne. Actually, all of their soups I've had are well made (but basic in a good way); no salty institutional stock that I can tell.

              1. Have you tried Seafood Port in Torrance? It may be what you are looking for. It is always filled with Asian people and they do a huge take out. Evidently the salt and pepper pork chops are good. Everytable had an order last time I was there.

                Seafood Port
                21180 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503

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                  Just tried Newport Seafood's(San Gabriel) hot sour soup today.
                  As soon as you sit down for lunch and before you could start digesting what's on their menu, small bowls of flavorful soups come right before you. As starter, the hot sour soup really awakens ones apetite. The heat was a little more than mild(nothing I can't handle). I can taste probably the black vinegar that's giving it it's main flavor and color. The crunch came from the thinly sliced woodear while the similarly thin strips of firm tofu gave it contrast.
                  Not bad at all. In fact, pretty good.

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                    I agree that the hot & sour soup at Newport Seafood is really good. But Mei Long Village has the best that I've tasted.

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                    I actually have, and remember not being too impressed, though I do like thier food. Yes, the pork chops are very good :)

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                      I love those whole crispy shrimp they serve, I think they were Salt and pepper as well. We will give the chops a try next time. Good luck with your search for H. & S.

                  3. In Oramge County, it's Golden Dragon on Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa...easily the best I've ever had anywhere!