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Aug 28, 2009 12:14 AM

ABQ - Good New Mexico grub near I-25 & Jefferson St. NE?

Coming in for work and might not have a car this time, so I was wondering if there are any decent places in the area worth a hike, short cab ride or a tip to the hotel staff (some have shuttle/vans)?

I'd normally hit Frontier, El Patio, Los Cuates, etc. but this area seems more office/commercial. I might be able to twist some arms and get a ride during the day, but in the evening I'm probably stuck at the hotel and will want to wander.


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  1. Ah, right in the heart of Restaurant Row! Chains galore!

    You're not totally SOL.

    Chama River Brewery is there and has some decent NM food (I'm not saying it's the best, but it beats some of your chain-y alternatives ), as is Pars Cuisine (Persian, of course, ), which is nice, and I recently read a good review of Charcoal Mediterranean Grill (newly opened in the area ).

    And you'll have all manner of chains, too! Have a nice visit.

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      Thanks. Every city has a newer part where the builders go wild with chains, which I try to avoid. I'm happy to support a decent local place, even if it's not the best example of that food in town. Not every meal has to be an epiphany. "Pretty decent" also works. I'll defintely check out these three.

    2. Believe it or not, the local branches of Taco Cabana (one of which is right near you on San Mateo) have slowly escaped their chain restaurant roots, and turned into surprisingly excellent NM-style taquerias. I think their salsa bar is outstanding (bolstered by the ever-present kettle of hot green chile), and their soft tacos made with homemade flour tortillas (again made from a different, better recipe than used by the TCs outside NM) are all great as well, including the breakfast tacos served all day. I also believe they're open 24/7, which is nice to know about.

      For a gigantic NM-style breakfast, there's a Weck's on Osuna, just on the other side of I-25. Not Frontier-good, but good all the same.

      1. Monroe's, on Osuna east of San Mateo. Warning: Osuna turns into San Mateo just east of I-25, then goes east again about 4 blocks south on San Mateo. There's a Giant gas station at the right intersection. Drive east about 3 blocks and look for the Monroe's sign on the left. Green chile is good there.