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Aug 27, 2009 11:55 PM

San Diego, Your Food Is Horrible


Sorry, but it's true. Over the span of seven different visits to San Diego in the last two years, I have left each time so underwhelmed. I've read your posts, and it seems that many of you locals admit that the restaurants in San Diego are subpar in service and quality food. It also seems that this city lacks any ground-breaking chefs. I am from Manhattan, so come from a very biased point of view. That said, I have lived and still frequent such cities as Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, and Memphis. These areas are so much more advanced in all culinary areas. I actually feel sorry for San Diego residents.

I suppose you want to know which restaurants I have frequented. Just this summer, during my thee-month stay, I patronized:

The Linkery--found it to be overrated, over priced, and rude service
Urban Solace--limited menu, disappointing pork and beef options
Sushi Ota--hard to get into, lame atmosphere, mediocre sushi
Point Loma Seafoods--touristy (yes, I am a tourist, but still, that vibe is so lame), too many fried fish options, horrible parking options
The Marine Room--staid atmosphere, too-dry Halibut and Sea Bass, high prices, crappy wine list
Hodad's--greasy burgers, too-long lines
South Beach Grill in Ocean Beach--gut-bomb tacos with nasty cheese, grungey crowd

Face it, San Diego, you have a long way to go in the restaurant world. Sure your weather rocks, but other than that...whatcha got?

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          1. Well if your comparing San Diego to the Likes of NY and SFculinary wise your gonnna be disappointed. That being said you also made some bad choices. The only ones that may have come up as recommendations would have been 1) Linkery - and there would have been as many detractors with your point of view as those recommending it. and 2) Sushi Ota - Gets decent praise but is known for being hard to get into and there are a few other recommendations that could have pointed you in some other directions.

            You would have enjoyed SD more by trying some of the great true Mexican food options that you may not be able to enjoy in the other cities you mentioned and choosing better.

            I mean I can walk into China Town in SF and have a poor Dim Sum experience or a great one based on where I choose to eat.