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Zinsky's - Outstanding Deli in North Dallas

Not a deli aficionado, but always in search of a place that serves corned beef or pastrami something like Carnegie Deli, I came across Zinsky's (NE quadrant of Preston-Royal between Starbucks and Baskin Robbins, same strip as Purple Cow) this week.

Everything from the chili to matzo ball soup - and the pastrami Reuben, of course - were phenomenal. have returned twice. ... And the savory dill pickles, served like chips and salsa at a Tex-Mex joint, even engaged my five-year- old son, who ate nearly a complete bowl this evening.

Moreover, the atmosphere is clean and crisp, offering a variety a good tunes.

Zinsky's just opened about a month ago. Check it out: http://www.zinskys.com/.

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  1. Being an aficionado of Deli News and little else in Dallas, I will check this place out tomorrow. Anyone one wishing to meet the DallasDude, I will be there at 12:30...

    Thank you for the rec, I have been to these corners many times as of late and it is difficult to see new places.

    1. I look forward to your review, DallasDude, although I understand that it is near impossible to get a table from about 10a until 2p. My two visits were in the evening.

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        I see they have several owners. The name sake co-founded Pei Wei, and the others are the owners of Blue Mesa.

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          Yes, I first met Mark Brezinski (sp?) when he opened Tin Star across from the Quadrangle, trying to get him to put a location in Lakewood. (He said that, unfortunately, the traffic/demographic don't work for a start-up restaurant (but perhaps that is changing with the new Whole Foods, Penne Pomodoro, and Paciugo).) Anyway, it was many years ago that I met Mark, when I was a "big-firm downtown lawyer" (thank goodness those days are over), and I am confident that Mark does not recall our meeting. In connection with Mark, it is noteworthy that he was "working the floor" both nights that my family went to Zinsky's this week, just as he was working the counter at Tin Star in years past. I did not reintroduce myself, but he seems to know what it takes to make a restaurant successful.

      2. Mark Brezinski is also the owner of the, Bengal Coast restaurant near Oak Lawn.

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          I haven't been to Bengal Coast, and I have an affinity for Indian. So that is on my hit list.

          Where I have been is Zinksy's. Today for a late lunch, I jogged into the place, located next to Starbucks in the NE corner of Preston Royal. So close to home that I will make it a regular stop.

          As with any new deli, I ordered my go to plate consisting of half egg salad on egg bread, and a cup of matzo ball soup. The egg salad was dense and creamy just the same. The bread was firm, fresh and buttery. The broth for the soup was not clear, but instead very homemade and flavorful. Bits of the mirepoix residue swam on the bottom of the cup and held up two of the lightest and tastiest matzo balls I have had in a long time. They were just under golf ball size.

          The waitress, Cynthia was amazingly courteous and was extremely helpful. She answered a few of my questions politely. I asked if they baked their own products, and I believe she said they sub that out to Empire. They do make their own meats in house, except for the ham (of course). Next time I will try the corned beef. She made it sound so delicious.

          The place had a pleasant decor, and was long and narrow. Several TVs played in the background, set to the Food Network (love Giada) and what sounded like the Hebrew National Radio Network (playing every obvious Jewish showtune and comedian).

          When I went to pay my bill, I begged for the other half of the sandwich, it was just that good. I will be back often. Thank you for the rec! Next time I bring my houndchick.

          BTW, that isn't iced tea I was drinking, it is a Dr Browns Cream Soda, a must for any deli.

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            Glad that you enjoyed Zinsky's, DallasDude.

            Reading your review, I was reminded of one of my boys' favorite movies, Ratatouille - Antono Ego (the restaurant critic) to be exact. ... Good movie and great, thorough review by you.

            Cheers - PAS

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              Took the houndchick today for lunch. It was a bit busy but just a ten minute wait. I wanted to order something different, but I was haunted by yesterdays lunch, so I ordered the same half egg salad and cup 'o' matzo ball soup. The egg salad wasn't the same as it was yesterday. It will heavy laden with mayo and heavy, and that was the one thing I was bragging about that made the previous sandwich so delightful... how light and free of too much mayo.

              I sent the sandwich back and they brought me a brisket sandwich. And instead of the half they gave me a full. And without comment, they unceremoniously removed ten dollars from our ticket. We even told the waitress that we didn't want her to bother with anything of the sort, but she did.

              The ten dollars was more than my meal. I was extremely impressed by how they handled this and will, of course, go back often. Everyone can make a mistake, and everything cannot be perfect 100% of the time. The difference is how situations, no matter how minor, are handled. I extend a congratulations to this new venture and look forward to many meals at Zinsky's.

          2. NO KNISHES!!!!! I can’t get over the knish thing. And there absolutely has to be kasha knishes.
            No chopped liver.
            Is this meant to be a NY style Deli or what?
            Small sandwiches: lean corned beef (considered by some to be blah, but ok by me. GREAT pastrami I have to say.
            Good Hot Dogs.
            The lox was good at Zinsky’s and the vegetable cream cheese shmear was fine. Bagels are OK.
            Matzoh ball soup is good: two good sized balls with room for a good basic broth.
            I still prefer Deli News, but who wants to drive that far north LOL

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              Fair points, dfwdean, and our most recent visit (this past Saturday evening) wasn't as impressive as our first few visits. ... Will have to make the trip north to Deli News, although I won't hesitate to go to Zinsky's for a pastrami reuben when needing a local fix!!

              1. re: dfwdean

                Hmmm...no chopped liver? If it's a Jewish deli, you need the chopped liver. But, it being Dallas and there being a lack of good Jewish delis, I will settle for really good pastrami. I hope the sandwiches are not skinny like Ed's. I want a towering pile of meat. I'm surprised that they are bringing in Empire's goods, but Empire has terrific stuff. Three things I always order at a Jewish Deli: chopped liver, super reuben (pastrami and corned beef), and an egg cream. If the deli has it, I love latkes, but have never been the biggest fan of knish.

                1. re: jindomommy

                  Just to clear up any potential misunderstanding, Zinsky's offers chopped liver. See http://www.zinskys.com/ for the full menu, if you can figure out the website's vernacular.

                2. re: dfwdean

                  They do have chopped liver but as all of the delis in Dallas they mix beef and chicken. Basically there is no real New York chopped chicken liver in DFW period. All of the delis here mix with beef for some reason.

                  1. re: dfwdean

                    OK, went back and had "The Zinsky", my new favorite sandwich there: A triple-decker lollapalooza with three breads, Roast Beef, Pastrami and Turkey, Muenster, American Cheese and Pepper Jack, Cole Slaw and their Special Dressing. Yum. Take a friend to eat it.

                    I understand that $2 of every "the Zinsky" sold is donated to Jewish Family Service of Dallas.

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                      Does anyone know of any places in the metroplex that carry knishes? I was in Seattle and had a good one, which just winds up reminding me that I can't find any here.

                    2. I'll stick to Deli-News for the best smoked nova and sturgeon, chopped liver, pastrami and baked goods. Especially the poppy seed Danish. And ohh, those Thumann (brand) pork, breakfast sausages.

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                      1. re: twinwillow

                        After four visits, I prefer Deli News. But in a pinch it's ok. I will go back, it's new.

                      2. I finally got to eat lunch at Zinsky's today. It was, good. Not, NYC good but, good enough. My pastrami sandwich although good, was not any better than any other deli in Dallas. Actually, I preferred the pastrami at Ed's, Deli and Deli-News. The rye bread was good but, soggy. I've never had a pastrami sandwich before with soggy bread.
                        The matzoh ball soup was very good. The soup was, excellent but, one of my matzoh balls was hard (raw?) in the middle. Otherwise, the matzoh balls were very good. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Would I return? Probably. But, Deli-News is still my deli of choice.

                        1. I've watched this post for awhile and I have o respond now. Zinsky's is not a deli, it is a restaurant that is deli-like. It is not very good at that, the sandwiches are small the hash is undercooked and mushy even when asked for crispy, the fries were just small pieces that when dipped into any sauce you have to get your fingers covered in the sauce as well. the service was ok at best, ok comparing it to a chain restaurant. This place is not a standout and I will not go back and I don't see what the hype is all about, maybe because we have crap for delis in Dallas, but we shouldn't accept more crap because we are just so hungry for something good, still looking for a good deli in Dallas, please help.

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                          1. re: aarong

                            I think Deli News is your best choice. And we do crave good delis.

                          2. I was born and raised in NY and love Deli food. I finally got over to Zinsky's and tried a pastrami sandwich and matzoh ball soup last night. I thought the pastrami was a good deal better than what they serve at Deli News. I think it is the best I have had in DFW. The matzoh ball soup was good. Not great, but good. Cole slaw was ok. Thought it was a little bland. I also had the Noodle Kugel which I thought was very good. I think there is definitely a spot in this market for Zinsky's.

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                            1. re: snatex

                              snatex ~ I was also born and raised in NY. Brooklyn to be exact. And, as I stated above, my sentiments echo yours.
                              Good but not great. And, they will flourish as a business, I'm sure. However, again as I've stated many times before,
                              I'll stick to Deli-News

                              1. re: twinwillow

                                As the original poster of this link, I should share that Zinsky's has been disappointing overall on a number of subsequent visits, although the house-made pastrami, which we order by the pound to make our own sandwiches at home, is as good as I have had in Dallas.

                                Thanks for everyone's feedback.

                                1. re: pschweizer

                                  pschweizer: You do know that Kenny And Ziggy's (supposedly, the best pastrami in the state) from Houston is coming to Dallas, don't you? And possibly according to rumor, in Zinsky's space at Preston Royal. Dallas Dude wrote that he would ask Mark Bresinski about that rumor. But I haven't seen an answer to that as yet.
                                  Also, have you tried the pastrami at Deli-News? I'd like to know if you have and, what you thought of D-N's pastrami.

                                  1. re: twinwillow

                                    No, I didn't know. I look forward to K&Z's and will try to get to Deli News this week, if not later today ... Will pick up some pastrami at Zinsky's on the way back down Preston and do a "head-to-head" comparison! ... Will keep you posted.

                                    Thanks for the info.!

                                    Deli News
                                    17062 Preston Rd Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75248

                                    1. re: pschweizer

                                      Thank you. Anxious to hear your results as I always preferred D-N's pastrami to all others in Dallas.

                                      1. re: twinwillow

                                        Well, although it was a bit of a drive from Lakewood, I made a special trip to Preston-Royal (Zinsky's) and Preston-Campbell (Deli-News) to pick up a pound of pastrami at each. A few bites of each pastrami made for a great late lunch! ... And I must agree that D-N's pastrami excels and exceeds Z's. D-N's was much, much leaner, and the seasoning was better. ... Thanks, again, for the suggestion. As mentioned above, I am not a deli aficianado, and leads to good deli items are always appreciated!

                                        1. re: pschweizer

                                          Thanks for your report and, affirmation of my opinion. You can always make pastrami and (scrambled) eggs with Z's pastrami.

                                          1. re: twinwillow

                                            Certainly. Would not need to add any primer (butter, olive oil, etc.) to scrambled eggs made with Z's pastrami! ... Great breakfast idea, by the way, especially as I still have nearly a pound on hand - thanks!

                            2. I sincerely had a few bad pastrami's on recent visits. They weren't slices but rather chopped. See my last photo from their offering. Odd and dried out.


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                                1. re: twinwillow

                                  You know my choice. Deli News. I absolutely respect the people behind Zinsky's, but the place doesn't work for me on all fronts. I appreciated some of the attempts at first, and their matzo ball soup is probably one of the finer examples city-wide, but damn. You see the photo. Examine it closely, looks pretty but its small shavings with no evidence of fat.

                                  I will toss up another example of Deli News of a pastrami from Deli News, flip back and compare to the last pic I sent up from Zinksy's. Tell me which one looks juicier and delectable.

                                  Deli News
                                  17062 Preston Rd Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75248

                                  1. re: DallasDude

                                    No comparison. Deli-News, for sure! Although I have to say, the matzoh ball soup at Zinsky's is non compare.

                                    1. re: DallasDude

                                      So I'm confused everyone on here seems to be a expert at Deli's. So one guys says that the pastami is to fat the other guy says the pastrami is too lean. What should it be. From my understanding pastrami comes from the brisket. which had both fatty and lean parts. Cant you just ask for which part you want.

                                      1. re: harmon

                                        Yes, you can but, most deli's will charge extra if you ask for it, "lean". That's because they have to take extra time to cut away all the fatty parts. Personally, I prefer mine on the fatty side.
                                        When I order smoked BBQ brisket I always ask for it to be cut from the "moist" (fatty) part.

                                      2. re: DallasDude

                                        Both of these pictures are labeled:
                                        Zinsky's - Outstanding Deli in North Dallas (Dallas - Ft. Worth)

                                        So it's difficult to discern which is which..... y'know?

                                        I'm assuming the one posted on the 21st is DN's and the little cubes one, posted on the 20th is Z's???

                                        I havent' been to Cindy's in a number of years but stopped in at the forrest/marsh location a couple of weeks ago for a pastrami. My god! I've never had such a dried out pile (and it was that) of meat. Extremely (too) lean, good (salty) flavor, but very dry. They do have pie though - made by a 3rd party - but I didn't have any.

                                        1. re: CocoaNut

                                          The picture provided by DallasDude on the 21st. is indeed from Deli-News. As of now, D-N still has (arguably) the best pastrami in Dallas.
                                          However, final judgement shall have to wait until Kenny & Ziggy's opens in the near future.

                                          1. re: twinwillow

                                            am i the only jew who just doesn't love deli food? i'll do a pastrami, chopped liver & corned beef on a kaiser roll with a dr brown's, but if i was diagnosed with ___ and had a week to live i'm not sure it would make it in my last 21 meals.

                                            1. re: JonFromTJs

                                              Me too. I'd want Peking duck as my last meal.

                                              1. re: twinwillow

                                                Haha twin and his ducks.

                                                CocoaNut, the pics are labeled as such since that is the name of the thread. The fattier version is indeed DN, and the one found with the chopped pieces sans fat is Zinsky's. So I suppose if you are inclined to have a fattier (see: taste) then Deli-News is the way to go. But also notice the 'bark' on the outside of the meat slices, that is loaded with flavor, too.

                                                I am following another restaurantuer with high asperations in the deli market and will be located in Plano probably this fall. He mentioned mile high sandwiches and superior meats. Not a fan of pounds of meat on a sandwich, but I am comforted by the inclusion on the menus.

                                                The Chinese may have wished that we live in interesting times, and for the deli market in Dallas it certainly seems we are.

                                                1. re: DallasDude

                                                  "Dude, is the deli opening in Plano that you mentioned, Kenny & Ziggy's??????

                                                  1. re: twinwillow

                                                    lol no. The very minute I hear something on that I will spill the beans. But the Plano concept is ground up and they are doing some pretty decent studies. i, of course, offered my two cents.

                                                    1. re: DallasDude

                                                      Was that a "2 cents plain"? And, Mr. deli man, do you know what that is. (lol)

                                  2. I too was terribly disappointed in the food I had at Zinsky's a week ago. The chicken noodle soup, normally quite good was terrible! Dark and so salty, I couldn't finish it. I doubt very much if that soup ever saw a real chicken!

                                    Back to Deli-News. The best deli in Dallas. For now.

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                                      I think I have reported somewhere that Mark Brezinski sold out his interests in his namesake restaurant, according to an interview I had with him when he opened Bistro Babusan last month. However, the website still lists him as owner. The restaurant had a rocky initial run with interesting potential in a neighborhood that is very open to its success. It seems the latest reports on the quality of Zinsky's have all come back dissapointing.