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Aug 27, 2009 09:55 PM

What to eat at Street

Anyone have any dishes they recommend? Any to stay away from? Last post is from a few months ago so if anyone has anything new to add it would be appreciated.


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  1. I ate there a couple weeks ago and in general, I thought most of the dishes I had were so-so. I had the lamb kofta skewer/plate, started with the borscht - was SO unimpressed by both. The table split the pork belly korean pancakes - they were ok, but there was like, 2 pieces of pork belly. I had two more appetizers, and sadly, they were so forgettable. Perhaps I ordered badly. The one oustanding dish was the dessert - turkish donuts in rose syrup. Generally, I don't like rose syrup, its too sweet, too cloying. But these donuts were warm, delicious, and soaked up the barely sweetened syrup perfectly. It was served with some sour cream or creme fraiche, which was perfect. The one dish I saw everyone else order, that I WISHED I had ordered was the Kaya toast (a Singaporean speciality). I am guessing they make their kaya in house, which would make that dish worth trying.

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      thanks for the reply. I'm dreading going. I'll try the Kaya toast...and hope for the best.

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        I also liked the kushary when I was there, although that was right as it was opening so can't say how it is now.

    2. I can't get past the fact that they charge $15 for a bowl of pho....

      Mr Taster

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        I think the pho is definitely not the way to go there. Much better to get things that you can't get elsewhere in LA for a better price and that taste better.

      2. Maybe I was expecting so little but we ended up having a nice time last night. Great table on the patio, great service (Scotty, but only because I asked. To his credit, he didn't introduce himself. I hate that.)

        We started with the white radish cake, the poke, kaya toast and paani puri. The poke was ok. The ono and avocado were a bit clunky on the rice cake but it did have good flavor. I wish there was a bit more ginger but that's my personal taste. The radish cake was great as was the kaya toast. The table (6 of us) agreed that the Kaya and the Paani Puri was the highlight of that course.

        Thai Bites were next. I liked being able to customize the flavor however the collard leaves were a too tough along the ribs for the dish. Bites is a great way to describe it. Teeny. But fun for the table.

        The black pepper clams were a highlight. Spicy rich broth and I am not a clam fan. I asked for more bread to soak up the sauce.

        Saag Paneer, dal and rice plate...don't bother. Not bad but not worth it.

        By the time the BBQ short ribs, bass and crab arrived, no one was hungry. The short ribs had good flavor. The asian pear salad had promise but didn't deliver. Overall it was fine but not great.

        The bass had great flavor. Had a nice sear on it but was a tad dried out. The chorizo side dish was the best thing on the plate.

        The crab was spiced well, the sauce was a bit sticky and the side dish was so pathetic no one touched it. Chunks of yam, baby corn, green beans...I couldn't be bothered.

        The tamarind/tequila cocktail might have had something to do with my was great.

        Oh, and the kitchen sent out a mung bean pancake complimentary. I had mentioned to Scotty that a friend had been there the night before and had such a bad experience (and bad service) that I was terrified to honor our reservation.

        Would I go back? No. Did I have a nice time? Yep. The patio is beautiful and we had great company with old friends.