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Aug 27, 2009 07:39 PM


Quick notes about recent meals in the Eagle Valley and beyond:

Spago at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch -- Good pork osso buco, tuna tartar and house brownie. Poor crab/lobster "Louis", striped bass and an allegedly "prime" NY strip that was about half of a NY strip for $49 that was about the quality of a grocery store steak. Although not busy, at least 30 minutes between the apps and the main courses. Our server apologized twice before the entrees appeared, but at the prices they have the audacity to charge this place should be much, much better.

Golden Eagle Inn in Beaver Creek -- Lunch was excellent as usual. Elk burger, Greek salad, turkey sandwich and curried chicken salad sandwich were just right for lunch. Sitting outside watching people in the middle of Beaver Creek Village is priceless.

Mango's in Red Cliff -- A favorite funky place for excellent fish tacos, burgers and such. Fish tacos this time were great, as expected. Outside on the third floor deck is, in our opinion, the place to be.

Foxnut in Beaver Creek -- Excellent squid salad, chicken and vegetable potstickers and Firecracker Roll. Pretty good scallop roll and not so good tuna tataki. Excellent service and worth the price.

Fiesta's in Edwards -- Got my New Mexican fix with excellent chicken enchiladas. Wife had the chicken chile rellenos, which is a great dish. A great place for a casual late lunch if you are going to skip dinner, but I can't recommend it if you intend to eat again the day you eat there.

Centre V in Vail -- Last year I swore I would never go back, but did go there for lunch and it was very good. My wife had a dish of salmon and cous cous that was light and delicious. I had the Colorado Cobb Salad with wonderful roasted corn instead of boiled egg and with smoked troup instead of ham. Excellent! Service was also very attentive and being able to dine al fresco in August is a revelation for a Texas boy.

Ti Amo in Eagle-Vail -- Without a doubt our favorite Italian place in the Valley. This time called in an order and brought it home. Grilled artichokes, salad a la griglia, chicken scarpariello and roasted pork medallions were good old comfort food at its finest.

Grand Avenue Grill in Eagle -- First time to this surprisingly large place. Huge menu and everything we had was very good. Fish and chips were crispy and moist. Reuben sandwich was excellent. A nice place for a quick, casual lunch.

Six 89 in Carbondale -- We loved this place the first time we went and last night did not change our minds that this is one of the best restaurants in Colorado. Service was top-notch, the atmosphere is casual and open-air, but almost upscale. The food is definitely upscale. Heirloom tomato salad, tempura fried stuffed zuchini blossoms and field green salad were all excellent. An oven-roasted halibut, roasted salmon and a special veal t-bone were all wonderful. A shared bread pudding for dessert brought dinner to a lovely close. Highly recommend this place.

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  1. DD, thanks for the updates on Colorado High Country (remember, make the Western Slope our 51st State). Centre V (it is "V" not cinq as I had thought) is a great looking place, but last winter it was very overpriced, are they finally getting "real"?

    We dinned at Terra Bistro before one of the Dance performances, it was average food, strange wine list and very disorganized.

    Dish is doing their 6 plates for $35 now and the menu is Julia inspired. Folks that have been this last week loved it.

    And Larkspur is already doing 50% off on all wines for the fall. We went to the Larkspur hosted coming out party for Kevin Furtado's (Larkspur's Wine Director) '08 Rose' Syrah and '07 Syrah last evening. Good time, terrific weather and lots of great wine.

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      Can't really comment on the prices from last year since I had dinner there last year and lunch earlier this week. (Also couldn't comment about the food prices last year since our meal was comped due to the horrible service. See Lunch was $44 before tip. That was for two nice entree salads, one glass of pinot grigio and some delicious lemonade.

    2. Really nice reviews, I've bookmarked this for my next trip to CO.

      Speaking as a hoity toity New Englander of 14 years (who recently moved home to the Southwest, but still), I think Six89 is good not just by Colorado standards, but by pretty much any standards one might choose. We went again this summer, and while it might not have quite reached the heights of our two visits in 2007, it was still excellent across the board. Top-notch, truly Coloradan-style New American food with Italian accents (those squash blossoms are killer), a really solid wine program, a surprisingly reasonable price tag considering the quality, and quite possibly my favorite al fresco dining anywhere.

      (NB its sister restaurant Phat Thai is only ok, but I'm still glad it's there.)