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Aug 27, 2009 06:51 PM

SLO Sunday Breakfast

Board search by this OCer doesn't find the specific recommendation I need: Sunday breakfast in SLO. Any help from the locals or fellow travelers appreciated!

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  1. Nice breakfast at Big Sky in SLO on Broad between Marsh and Higuera. Many also enjoy Bon Temps Creole Cafe on Olive St. Louisa's Place on Higuera is the place for huge omelets and the Breakfast Buzz on Santa Rosa is very popular and busy for good meals.

    1. While we're on the subject is there any decent breakfast in the 5 cities area/Pismo Beach/Shell Beach area?

      I really miss Hobees in SLO. It's really too bad they closed. Now I have to wait to get my fix when I go up to Norcal.

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        CJ's in Arroyo Grande and Huckleberry's across from the Pismo outlets

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          McKlintock's in the Arroyo Grande village area, on Bridge St.,

          Cowboy bar atmosphere but lots of locals visiting relatives fill the place. Steak 'n Eggs along with a full breakfast menu. Beans if you want 'em. Full bar for those not driving but who want a Bloody Mary.

          Also can't attest to the rest of the menu, but the Heuvos Rancheros at Scotty's in downtown Pismo (b'fast on Sat-Sun only) are very good. We go there after Pismo Donut Derelicts at the OSH center every Sat a.m. (A donut won't last ALL morning)

          1. re: toodie jane

            Thanks for the suggestions. I've been to the McClintocks in AG many times but never for breakfast. Will have to check out Scotty's as well.

        2. Ditto on Bon Temps Creole Cafe - love it!

          1. Thank you Bruce and Nancy! Sorry I can't help mliew.