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Aug 27, 2009 06:44 PM

Help-OBX coffee shops, ice cream, bakeries, farmers markets, etc

We are taking our first trip to the Outer Banks in late September. I have a pretty good idea from reading posts here about where to go for dinner, but we need some help with other vital parts of a good foodie experience...local coffee shops, ice cream, bakeries, candy stores, farmer's markets, and other goodies. We'll be spending most of our time around the "central" area (SS, KH, KDH, NH), but we'll be taking rides to Duck and visiting Ocracoke also, so anything is really game!

Also, if there are any local foods (or drinks!) that you "have" to have while in the Outer Banks, let me know. Thanks very much!

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  1. For vegetables the Weeping Radish is doing a modified CSA-style delivery for the OBX:

    Their location, a short distance from the Northern OBX areas has great house cured meats and their brews are quite nice.

    1. Apple Uglies at the Orange Blossom Cafe

      It's near Hatteras. So if you're going to the lighthouse or to the ferry to Ocracoke, you will want to stop in. We always make sure to go early in the morning, when the uglies are nice and hot.