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Aug 27, 2009 06:21 PM

what to do with a can of scungilli

seriously. I have this in my pantry. What would you do with it? Ingredients are listed as conch, water, salt, calcium disodium. I bought it at an Italian import store at the Italian Market in Philadelphia.


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  1. If the scungilli is whole, I would slice it thinly or dice it and add it to a marinara or other sauce and serve over pasta. I've only had scungilli at an Italian restaurant. The meat is a little chewy and it is delicious.

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      Makes a very fragrant and oceanic sauce--make sure to cook it long and slow, and with some hot red pepper, garlic, a touch of oregano, and plenty of fresh parsley at the end.

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        YUM! Make a scungili salad, a staple in Italian delis. Bob96's rec is awesome too! Lucky girl!!

      2. When I hear conch, I think "fritters", but then my mom is from Nevis...

        1. I always have a can of scungilli in my pantry, so I can make Frutti di Mare salad with a nice lemony sauce. I use mostly scungilli and calamari in it, with a few shellfish added too.

          1. Thanks!! I'm going to try the Frutti di Mare salad tonight with a pizza. So glad I asked!!