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Aug 27, 2009 04:54 PM

Help me eat something good...PLEASE!

I'm one of those people who work constantly, am totally underpaid, and truly enjoy some good eats. In fact, good eats are generally the highlights of my day. So this Sunday I'm taking the day off in celebration (or mourning depending on your outlook on life) of my bday. My plans are to sleep and then eat pretty much all day. I need some foodie and/or gluttunous suggestions of where to go. I live in OC and there are few places here worthy of a trip so my friend and I plan to trek out to LA and see what's up. We like hole in the wall type places, although those are hard to find in such a trendy town. So we're not looking to go to the newest hottest celebrity chef flash in the pan type places. We just want good eats (ie waffles, tacos, ice cream, soul food, cheese shops... the good stuff). I miss living and eating in NYC & SF! Can my fellow chowhoundsters help me out? I've been trapped in the OC too long!

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  1. for mexican seafood in the style of nayarit and sinaloa, go to MARISCOS CHENTE.

    there are many chowhound threads on this place.

    1. for japanese izakaya (small plates) go to musha in santa monica.
      open only for dinner.
      they take reservations.

      1. for neopolitan pizza (extremely thin crust--you will need a knife and a fork to eat it), go to ANTICA PIZZARIA in marina del rey.
        the owner comes from naples and imports his flour from italy and takes the whole undertaking very seriously. uses top flight ingredients.
        not very cheap, but not high-end either. this is a sit-down restaurant with table clothes.

        1. "... We like hole in the wall type places, although those are hard to find in such a trendy town..."

          If you're referring to L.A. - Are you kidding me?! You HAVE been in the OC too long! We overfloweth with hole in the walls here in L.A.!

          Example #1: Wakasan in Westwood, for excellent Japanese homestyle cuisine - Even better than Musha izakaya.
          Example #2: Raffi's in Glendale, for awesome kebabs & Persian food.
          Example #3: Cafe Angelino, near Cedars-Sinai, for outstanding Italian pizze.
          Example #4: Scoops, near Melrose, for inventive original ice cream flavors.

          All examples above: No celeb chefs, no attitude, just great food...

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          1. re: J.L.

            if money is an issue, and if you go to jitlada, be sure to keep track of the price of the items you order. the range of $/pp can be very broad there. some items cost a lot more than others. . . .

            1. re: westsidegal

              Particularly the whole fried catsish which I think is listed at market price and was somewhere close to $30 last time I was there.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                that's what I paid last time as well and didn't think it was worth it. It was drenched in sauce which was way too sweet and overseasoned. Now, the fried morning glory salad... that's pure glory and worth every penny.

                1. re: soniabegonia

                  I felt the exact same way. The sauce was cloying and there was very little flesh on the fish. But I love the mussels, the coco mango salad and pretty much everything else I've ever tried there.

          2. My personal favorite celebration/mourning trifecta involves the Blue Palms, Jitlada, and then Scoops (in that order). But that combo will leave you pretty stuffed, and only take about 2.5 hours, not the whole day.

            (I hear that Scoops is now open, with very limited hours, on Sunday. ICBW.)

            You could cruise down York in Eagle Rock. Make sure not to miss El Huarache Azteca (for huaraches), El Pique (for al pastor, carnitas, and asada), and My Taco (for fried potato tacos). If you get full, head over to Galcos and browse until you're hungry again, buy yourself some sodypop as a souvenier, and then finish up down the street at Oinkster.

            Or make a very slow pass through Thai Gulch. If you pace yourselves and order sparingly you should be able to visit a good four places before you're stuffed. Don't forget to finish up by splitting the khao sawy at Sri Siam.