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Aug 27, 2009 03:39 PM


Hey everyone, I am looking for an awesome homemade greasy great burger place in Edmonton.
I love Fargos (as they are homemade), i also like red robins. I have been to deluxe burger bar (too fancy and not worth the money).

Any suggestions on a place?

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  1. Have you been to The Hat on Jasper?? They make a wicked burger and shoestring fries. Burgers are their main thing, and they have a pretty solid selection.

    I also like Original Joe's for a good greasy burger.

    1. Have you tried Garage Burger downtown next to Metro Billiards? They have awesome burgers and fries, plus it's cheap.

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      1. Sounds like you need to hit up the Motoraunt (12410 - 66 Street) while they are still operating.

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          Can't agree with Motoraunt suggestin..we had high hopes when when we finally made it there last year. Poor service, bland burgers. It is hard to judge a place after ne visit I suppose, but there are a few excellent burger palces listed in this thread which make a secnd chance unlikley. We love Garage burgers and Delux as well. I continue to have a soft spot for Red Robin's Bleu Ribbon burger too.

        2. I can't stop praising the burgers at Hudson's. The are slightly inconsistent in their cooking - some chefs leave them a little juicier than others, but that is my only complain with their homemade patties.

          The Hat is pretty good, especially if you like a variety of toppings, but they don't really touch Hudson's in my opinion. Their fries are definitely better though.

          I don't know if the patties are homemade, but I enjoyed a very greasy burger at On The Rocks. It came with mushrooms standard, and the taste of them reminded me of using a cast iron skillet for several different items in a row without washing it. It remembered the onions and whatever else had been fried there before.

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            Good call - the burgers at Hudson's are very good too.

            1. re: FoodieMB

              Tasty Tom's on Whyte has been talked about a lot on this board. I really liked them when I went there. There are rumours that they are under new (and not so improved) staff.

              also Suede lounge makes a really great burger. My favorite until we tried the hat, but theirs are stupidly big. They need to come up with a ladies size burger, 8oz is ridiculous for me. I could not even wrap my mouth around it, plus the burger is made way too thick, the bun is 2x the size of it.

              1. re: cleopatra999

                you should definitely try the mini burgers at Hudson's, cleopatra. I haven't tried the Hat's slider mini burgers, but I hope they're as good as Hudson's.

                I find them a bit drier than their larger counterparts due to their smaller patty size, but they definitely fill my burger craving when I don't want the whole shebang. They come with all the same delicious fresh toppings of their bigger brothers, as well.

                1. re: kazzy

                  The Hat has good burgers. Can't say the same for their dismal service though...

                2. re: cleopatra999

                  it has been at least a year since i've been but the roasted red pepper and brie (which comes as a huge slab) burger at tasty tom's is fantastic. not sure if it still is - new ownership and all.

            2. Delux Burger Bar is pretty good - they have an appetizer called "Delux Sliders" which are bite-sized Kobe beef burgers. Pretty darn good! Located at 9682 - 142 Street in Edmonton.