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Aug 27, 2009 03:22 PM

David Burke Prime or Craft Steak ( tomorrow Foxwoods) Which one?

We are planning to have dinner at one or the other of these restaurants and are having a tough time making a decision. Would appreciate any feedback.

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  1. Never been to prime,but have had two great meals at Craft....It has been a couple of months. Everything we ate was first class.Can not wait to return

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      I have been to Craft in NY very good and also Davids place in NY at the Park Ave. Cafe. which he has left. He is a great guy espically when the students do the wine expo there. Look at his menu not the typical steak place.

    2. Thank you for responding, we went on the 28th so we were unable to give consideration to what you had to say. We decided to go with David Burke. Unfortunately we did not care for the food at all, however the meat was just bad. I sent my 40 day aged rib eye back, I had a hard time cutting the meat it was so tough and chewey my husband had about three bites of his steak.The apps and sides were not good either. I ate a left over half of a tuna sandwich I had in a cooler in the car on the way home. Stick with Craft .

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        It bothers me when people spend hard earned money on a high priced place and the meal sucks. I had a good meal in NY at the Park Ave Cafe back when. It was good. a 40 day steak should be chewed even without teeth. There is NO such thing as a bad or off night not at those prices I dont blame you one bit. Besides anthony Bourdain was at J&W this past spring and he said I quote I can train a monkey with a peanut to cook a steak. Do it yourself and if soesnt come out good then blame yourself but that wont happen.

        1. re: Frank Terranova

          You keep saying this, but the average home cook does NOT have access to properly dry-aged USDA Prime cuts and usually does not have a 700 degree broiler. You can train me all you want, but I can't duplicate a Peter Luger steak at home, because I can't get their meat.

          1. re: Gin n Tonic

            The average person can get dry aged meat whole foods has it, plus a good butcher shop can get a great steak cut and a few people will dry age it themselves I do my own set aging and most people can use a vaccum machine and wet age it now for the cooking for one reason steak house use broilers is they are usually cleaner, easier for someone to train broiling, and they dont have the mess which is associated with a grill. There is one steak house in chicago called Weber named for the Weber Grill their temps like most grills can reach 600 degrees easy and so do I at home. Lugars is excellent, Mortons, Chicago Chop House, Webers, and is a steak really worth $40-50 dollars and the main reason is why I have been there is business only. A little research on google will give easy directions on how to home age meat if your into it then give it a try. :)

            1. re: Frank Terranova

              We have been very satisfied with the Rib eyes we have cooked at home for the most part . We really wanted a top notch steakhouse experience. I should have gone with my gut, it was telling me this is Foxwoods the food ain't going to be so great. We will stick to NYC and Brooklyn in the future. FWIW we didn't love Webers either.

              1. re: chowdom

                I agree to a point. On Webers is I have been through a tour of their concept They are only one of a handful of steak places which uses real charcoal to cook their steaks. It now becomes a matter of choice, wood charcoal or a broiler My preference if charcoal which is done at home.

            2. re: Gin n Tonic

              In addition toi other places already mentioned, you can actually buy Luger's meat from them on-line. It's a splurge, but I've done it several times and it give you a terrific meal.