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Aug 27, 2009 01:44 PM

Tasting Menu Without Much Seafood

I'm looking for a great tasting menu that isn't SO heavy on the fish. A couple of courses wouldn't kill me, but I'd much rather the focus be on something else.

I know it's a crime, but I just don't love the oceanfruits like everyone else does.


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  1. Eleven Madison Park and Gramercy Tavern have always been good regarding substitutions (and both will gleefully bend over backwards for your every whim it seems).

    Also EMP has an all suckling pig tasting menu -- I would call and ask.

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      I second both of the above - I remember being able to once get a veggie-centric tasting menu. Maybe Blue Hill? Certainly at Blue Hill Stone Barns, it is all created just for you -- so you can specify yes to their Berkshire pork (OMG so good) and no to all things from the sea!

      1. re: allieb2031

        I just called, and they indeed do have a tasting menu at Blue Hill New York for $72 that changes daily. I really want that pork now that you've mentioned it. And CORN.

        1. re: plumpdumpling

          Sweet summer corn is perfect right now. Walker's Roadside Stand in Little Compton is selling some incredible Butter and Sugar right now. DELISH!

      2. re: kathryn

        ALL SUCKLING PIG?! That's exactly what I'm looking for.

        Bending over backward doesn't hurt, either. Thanks!

      3. Eleven Madison Park offers a 5-course suckling pig tasting. We've had it, and it is superb! The menu is not published, but I provided it on this thread:

        ETA: Cross-posted with Kathryn at about the same time.

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          You are officially my eating idol.

        2. Degustation
          Greenwich Grill

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            My boyfriend was looking for an excuse to go to Degustation, anyway, so you sold him. We'll be there at 6 p.m. tomorrow.


          2. Whoa, I come here to post a thread about finding a "tasting menu that's not seafood-centric" and what do I find? It's already started.

            But I'm looking for one for my mom's 70th birthday, and she would most like something fairly traditional. Was thinking EMP or GT, but does anyone know if Bouley would be accommodating on this front (happy to tell them in advance)? I think she'd enjoy the experience there.

            If not, other ideas that feel appropriately special for the occasion, but aren't wildly inventive?

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            1. re: mary shaposhnik

              Not sure -- It certainly doesn't hurt to call. I would think they could possibly create a mini one if they didn't. You'd be bringing in guaranteed business!