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Peanut Butter and Pickle sandwich

I finally did it last night. I was about to make a griled cheese, then I realized that I had white bread, creamy PB, and pickle chips. So I decided to make a grilled PB & P. I've been hearing about that combo for a while, and while it sounded disgusting, I was more than a little curious. I buttered up the outsides of the bread, smoothed PB on one slice, covered the PB in pickle chips, and grilled it untill it was a nice brown on the outside. The result? Gooey, sweet, vinegary goodness! I don't think I can eat it every day, but once a month or so will do.

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  1. Haven't had one of those since my son was in utero over 8 months ago! May venture for one again - thanks for the reminder! :o)

    1. My DH still enjoys the occasional PB and pickle (dill) sandwich that he took to school regularly in his youth. Grilled cheese and dill pickle is also exceptional, in my opinion. You have to have mayo on the inside of the bread. Butter on the outside where the bread hits the pan. Deelish!!!

      1. Peanut butter and pickles is still one of my favorites and I eat it fairly regularly. Never thought of grilling it! I'll try it sometime, thanks for the idea.

        1. You don't have to go to the trouble of grilling them, just plain peanut butter and pickles (I prefer dill, some prefer sweet, others bread and butter) is just fine. I especially like it on rye. I've been eating them my whole life, but my brother couldn't stand them, sometimes I think i enjoyed them because they grossed out my classmates so much. Many mystery readers know that Kinsey Millhone (Sue Grafton's "Alphabet Series") is a PB&P fan. The tart crunch of the moist pickle is such a perfect contrast for the sticky gooey peanut butter. And depending on your preference creamy or chunky peanut butter can be used.

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            I came across this by accident and almost fell off my chair. Peanut butter and pickles are my go-to food whenever I have a particularly long project that requires food on the quick for days on end. They are perfectly wonderful.

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              I've also done dill spears on a hot dog bun spread with peanut butter. A nice variation, slightly different texture combination.

          2. I thought my grandma was the only person on the planet who ate peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.

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              And I thought my wacky family was the only one in the whole world who would eat such a combo. It was standard lunch fair for us growing up. That and drinking heated Dr. Pepper with lemon in the winter made us even more "unique" than we already were in the neighborhood with the other kids.

            2. I like this combo so much (PB and dill pickles) that sometimes i forgo the bread.

              1. Yesterday afternoon I walked into the kitchen and DH was making a mayo/PB/Pickle sandwich. Sorry, but that doesn't do it for me!

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                  Either neither, Boma - nor my hubby's grand specialte; peanut butter and sardines, of all things. Have a good night sleeping on the couch, fishbreath.

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                    Sardines? Now that gets into a whole "nother" aspect. There is a spare bedroom - go sleep in it! I'm with you mama. Somehow it's just "not right", and no amount of toothpaste and mouthwash when cuddling at the end of the day can take that away.

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                    well, of course not. It should have mustard, not mayo.

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                      Tee Hee - I'll have to mention that to him! :-)

                  3. My mother made sandwiches for my children when they were little of peanut butter, sweet pickle relish and Miracle Whip. Stir all together for a sandwich spread. They loved it and I make it for myself now and then.

                    1. There are tenuous connections in this thread to Dear Elvis,
                      Hip-swinger and connoisseur of PBJ, based in Memphis.

                      His fave was a grilled that included bananas
                      and he'd fly to Las Vegas just to eat it.

                      Though Memphian born,
                      I do not give scorn
                      on Elvis's concept of the role of peanut butter.
                      But here's my approach in the sandwich array:

                      "Bread and Butter" pickles
                      well-daubed so not a trickle
                      of sweet juice remains on their outsides.

                      Arrange those sweet pickles in phalanx formation
                      so that each deck of the bread is full covered.

                      (A sweet swish of mayo to carry the cargo
                      is assumed to be spread on the bread).

                      On the other slab of bread, peanut butter, and cheese
                      then folded together and grilled in hot cast iron.

                      The result is a sandwich so startling daring
                      as teeth move down through both the crust and the crunch.

                      1. Years ago, there was...maybe a calendar? themed to the Charles Schultz "Peanuts" characters - I'm thinking late '67, early '68 - that had a reference to a Charlie Brown sandwich, which was PB, pickles and bacon. I tried with sweet pickles and loved it. Definitely a Big Flavor item. Haven't had it much in recent years as I know it's addictive, and I get enough superfluous calories as is, but I always have the ingredients around....

                        1. I've never had pb & pickles, but I've had pb and cucumbers, and I really liked that... so I guess I'll have to try it!

                          Is it always grilled or can you eat it cold, too?

                          1. I think most of us agree that it can be either/or. Me, I never grill.

                            1. what type of pickles did you use? I can't imagine the sweet ones tasting very good with PB. Dill, maybe.

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                                Thin sliced dill rounds, crisp and sour, all the better. Creamy PB, not crunchy. White bread, not grilled, no mayo please.

                              2. My father, when I was growing up would eat peanut butter and horseradish sandwiches. I tasted one once. Freaking nasty! I can see how pickles might be good but not something I am going to run right out and try.

                                1. Sweet pickled relish in place of jam works well too.