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Aug 27, 2009 12:06 PM

Really Good Chinese Food in Portland or Seattle?

My husband and I live in Eugene, and have found that there is a sad dearth of really good Chinese food here. I CRAVE IT.

So, on two upcoming short weekend trips to both Portland and Seattle, we have decided to try to find some really good Chinese restaurants.

Any ideas?

Your suggestions will be verrrrry much appreciated; I'm suffering from proper Chinese food withdrawal!

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  1. I had a very good meal at Ocean City in PDX on 82nd a few blocks north of Powell. It is new and run by the folks who just sold Yummy Yummy (which is few blocks away across the street). The black cod with eggplant in clay pot was seriously good and the snow pea tips in garlic sauce were some of the best ever.

    1. Wong's King in Portland. 8733 SE Division St. That section of Portland is much more authentically Chinese than Portland Chinatown.

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        In Bellevue, bamboo garden for sichuan.

      2. Anytime I'm in Seattle I have to go to my favorite Chinese place down in Burien. "Wah Kue Cafe".
        My family has been eating here for 40 years. Pretty amazing. The same owners as far as I know.
        Almond fried chicken, sweet & sour and the chicken fried rice is tops.

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          This sounds like an Americanized Chinese restaurant, which certainly has its audience. Note that with regard to more authentic Chinese food, any restaurant that has been open more than 15 or 20 years is looked upon with suspicion due to the continuing evolution of Chinese cuisine. Trouble with Seattle is that it's too close to Vancouver which has the absolute best Chinese food. Imperial Garden in Kent (Great Wall shopping center) is OK.

        2. How do you define "really good Chinese food"?????????? If you hanker for a big gooey plate of beef with broccoli or sweet and sour pork, well, I have nothing to recommend.

          If you would like something a bit more Chinese than these stalwarts of the American-Chinese "taste", then try these in Portland: 1) Shenzhen on NE 82nd...they have a nice selection of really good stuff, and an assortment of what they call northern chinese... 2) Mandarin House, downtown, sort of on 2nd....this guy can really cook, but you have to really fish around for the good stuff, most of it is hidden on the Chinese-only menu....if you can talk to the owner and work around his spotty English, you can get some great food here; 3) Lucky Strike on Powell, just east of 82nd...they focus on Sichuan cuisine and do an ok, though not stellar, job with it...can be hot, but not terribly...try the so-called tofu custard, the cumin beef, the twice cooked pork for some of the best Chinese in Portland; Wing Wa BBQ King on SE 82nd has some very tasty stuff too...the roast pork and roast duck are quite good, or can be...i've had some mediocre and some stellar examples...the clay pot with pork belly and preserved vegetable is subtle, rich and delicious. Now, all of these places can serve mediocre food, especially if you order the standard American-Chinese forewarned; order the right things from any of these and you'll be doing fine. It helps to educate yourself a bit about more "authentic" dishes so you'll know what to look for.

          I second Bamboo Garden in Seattle...nice Sichuan menu, but I think you have to request that menu....I'll add Harbor City BBQ in the "international district" (gawd I hate these trendy new names given to old neighborhoods...Portland has a "district" or two and the names are largely fabrications of realtors and other promoters, but I digress), HCBBQ has quite yummy bbq pork, duck, etc, and other hong kong items...the chow fun can be good and I think they have a dim sum menu as well, but haven't tried it... there was a great Xi'an place in Seattle, but it closed some months ago....I wonder if those folks have resurfaced somewhere???

          hope this helps.

          (regarding another post here, I went to Yummy Yummy a few months ago, maybe in January? based on raves on another forum in PDX and was quite unimpressed and the prices were higher but a tad than any of the places I've suggested, so I'm not just panting with excitement to check out Ocean City...your mileage may vary.)

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            "international district" (gawd I hate these trendy new names given to old neighborhoods...Portland has a "district" or two and the names are largely fabrications of realtors and other promoters, but I digress), "

            You are right about the district part of the name which is a recent addition but the international part was added whenthe mayor changed the name from china town to International Center in the early 50's.

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              Bamboo Gardens is in Bellevue (there is a similarly named place in Seattle that is vegan--you do NOT want that place) and you don't have to request the Szechuan menu--it's in the back ("wild side"). It's outstanding--definitely go, but order the Szechuan stuff, or the stuff they recommend with the "thumbs up" sign. Or the stuff we recommend here!


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                Agree with Bamboo Garden. Alot of the really authentic sichuan items are listed under a heading inviting diners to "take a walk on the wild side..." which, as of my last visit, was included in the same menu along with the lunch specials and dinner items. I also like Sichuan First near IKEA in Kent, especially for the twice cooked fish.

                Agree that Harbor City makes some very comptent dim sum, a good alternative to Jade Garden, where the waits can be extreme. I like Sea Garden for crab and other cantonese fresh seafood specials, Mike's Noodle House for Congee, and also Homestyle HK cafe for stone pot rice and cart noodles.

                Taiwanese is very good at Facing East and Yea's Wok.

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                  seond or third or fourth vote for Bamboo Garden. And don' t be put off by the fact that its in Bellevue--you shoot across Lake Washington and drop down the 5. Plus they have parking.

              2. My wife and I really like Twins Garden. It's "Asian food" but primarily Chinese. They throw in a few Thai, Japanese, Korean dishes. I wouldn't really say authentic but it's very fresh and every dish we have tried is different and generally quite good. It's a pretty broad menu and the waitress will recommend dishes that are good. If you ask about a dish she say's "It's okay" then try something else. Salt and Pepper chicken wings are excellent.

                A new favorite is 663 Bistro. We've been a couple times and they have done well on both occasions. The meat in the window is great, the duck in particular is well cooked with crispy skin and tender meat. The BBQ pork has a touch of honey and the roast pork has crispy skin and the fat layer is just right, not too fatty considering it's roast pork. It's become my favorite for Chinese BBQ. The Buddhist chow mien with crispy noodles is a winner. It seems to be a good Cantonese style restaurant with pretty traditional flavors. Prices are also good.

                I like Seven Stars Pepper when I went but that was a while ago. We did the Hot Pot with a large group and it was good and a lot of fun.