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Aug 27, 2009 11:54 AM

Baltimore bars near Camden Yards

Any recommendations for a bar where we hang out after a Saturday night Orioles game? It's sort of a bachelor party for my brother-in-law...but not THAT kind of bachelor party. Just hanging out with friends and family.

Also, my BIL's cousin is the only member of the party under 21. Do you think he would be allowed to join us as a designated driver?

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  1. I love The Wharf Rat. It's really close and has house brewed beers on tap.

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    1. re: DCDeb

      That website is really out of date. The Wharf Rat on Pratt St. was sold awhile ago, and now has a new name (which is escaping me at the moment).

      The original Wharf Rat in Fells Point is still around, but doesn't really fit the requirement of "close to Camden Yards".

      1. re: Hal Laurent

        I think it's now called Pratt Street Ale House or something like that.

    2. Tough to suggest any of the places right around the stadium based on what the OP is looking for. For $1 natti lights and a crowd that suits their drink special, Pickles is the place (I'll be part of the $1 natti light guzzling crowd tonight!). I would think some places in Fed Hill would be a better choice. Abbey Burger Bistro has a bunch of interesting beers on tap that change frequently, if that's what kind of mood your in. Ryleigh's is a nice option as well that has some pretty nice food.