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Aug 27, 2009 11:54 AM

Idaho Springs, CO

Any suggestions for Idaho Springs lunch or dinner? I'm thinking casual and not Beau Jo's (not a fan) or Tommy Knockers (been there). Other than that type of food is not important as long as its good.

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    1. I've never been to an Italian place called Mangia!, but some friends of mine like it. Then again, I'm pickier about Italian food than they are, so this is information -- not a recommendation . You might want to try the Peck House, one town over in Empire (2 miles from Exit 232). It's Colorado's oldest hotel, and it's a real charmer.

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        I have been to Mangia a couple of times for lunch, the most recent about two weeks ago. It is has been excellent. Everything we have had there, from the Caesar Salad to the sandwiches to the lasagna and the spaghetti pomodoro are top notch. Also check out their live music offerings. Looks like a happenin' place, although I have only been there for lunch.

      2. I live just over the hill in Central City so I get to Idaho Springs frequently. A favorite place for breakfast or lunch is Cafe Aimee. They do not serve dinner. The omelettes and sandwiches are very good.

        Cafe Aimee is on the main street...although I guess most everything in the town is on the 3 blocks of "downtown"! It's a charming little place with good service.

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        1. re: Squint

          Thanks!! Both Mangia and Cafe Aimee sound like they would fit what I'm looking for.

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            Went over to the springs today for lunch at Aimee upon your rec. It was great.

            1. re: paul balbin

              I'm glad you enjoyed Cafe's a nice place for a relaxing meal!