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Aug 27, 2009 11:52 AM

Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham was closed today. Will it be open again soon?

I was craving my favorite mexican today. I went to Taqueria El Amigo. I wanted my tacos especiales. There great here. I pulled up and there was a sign on the door saying they were closed until friday for renovations. I looked inside. The soda fridge was still there but most of it was borded up and the tables and chairs were gone. When i looked closer under the closed for renovations sign there was a stop work order from the town of Waltham. I don't know if they were dumb enough to do renovations without getting a permit or what the issue may be, but idon't think they will be open friday or maybe not soon. Anyone know anything about this? I had to go to taqueria mexico on Charles st. in Waltham. I got my tacos especiales. I got the chicken Tacos. There four small tacos Served with onions,cilantro and guacamole They were good but not El amigo good. Gf ordered chicken gorditas which came out as chicken fajitas. When we said something about it they said they would take it back and bring her a gorditas. She decided to stick with the fajitas. We were at a one hour parking spot and the food took over a half hour to come out. It was lunch time and it was busy. We wanted to sit outside but there was a very bad smell. The fajitas were good.tender chicken with peppers and onions with rice, refried beans and some lettuce with warm tortillas. It was a good size order. We started with chips with salsa. Chips were the same as you get everwhere. Salsa was good but once again not as good as El Amigo ( imho). Overall it was a good meal and cheap. We got out of there for a little over 20 including tip. I would come back when El amigo is closed. Got to the car ten minutes late but no ticket.

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  1. Taqueria El Amigo update. I drove by yesterday on my way back from one of my many Russos runs. They were doing renovations inside. I asked one of the people working when they might reopen. He said they will reopen wednesday at 10. Good news i would hate to lose my favorite little mexican hole in the wall. I might have to stop by for a breakfast burrito.

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    1. Any word if they actually opened? I've been wanting to check the last few days but haven't made it. I brought some new people by last week and was disappointed to see that sign.

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        It was open last night, i dropped in for taco especiales with lengua, which really hit the spot. I really love this place, the only thing that eats away at me are the fact that the nachos are store bought, it takes away from my enjoyment of their excellent homemade salsa.

        Renovations appear to be a new tiled floor and colorful paint job on the inside walls. Not sure about any improvements in the kitchen.

      2. Glad to see this place is still open and still great. It's got a fresh coat of paint and a slight upgrade in wall art, but otherwise the food is unchanged, which is great news. Another fabulous plate of tacos especiales, half lengua and half cabeza, superb as ever. Friendly, cheap, delicious -- still my favorite taqueria in town.